Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What’s that I hear?

Sounds. We all have our favorite.
- Planes
- Trains whistles
- Horns honking (if you’re a little crazy) J
- Some even enjoy the sound of crickets (which I’m listening to 
       as I type)
- There are even those who just want a few moments of no sound 
       at all.

(Dashboard of the VDub - Lots of loud music in here)
It is truly amazing what can happen to an individual’s mindset once you pay attention to the sounds of life. (Sounds affect us.)

I have heard so many say, “If God would only speak to me.” Yet day after day goes by while they miss the details. The details of a conversation, a song, the wind blowing, rain falling. We often think that if God is going to speak to us, it will be through a loud booming voice that shakes the foundation we stand on. And He does speak to some that way. But what about the still small voice that whispers in our everyday life.

Ask yourself, ‘What am I listening for? Do I hear a bunch of noise, or am I listening to the details?’

Songs catch our attention for many reasons: the beat, the lyrics (those we actually know), a memory attached to the song. How about those other parts that we hum, mumble, and nod our head through? We simply do not take the time to learn the rest of the song, or I guess you could call it, lazy listening.

(Captured music video)
When we wonder why God never speaks to us, could it be we are using this same (lazy) approach when it comes to listening to Him? We find ourselves comfortable, busy, content, secure, and sometimes apathetic - and we miss it…the sound of His voice.

If we tune in though, we don’t miss a detail. 
Psalm 89:15 says, “Happy are those who HEAR the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.” (NLT)  
Every sound of your day should be a call to worship. And worship is what gains us entrance into the presence of the Creator.
   …learn the words to the song.
   …listen to what those closest to you are saying.
   …try listening to nature. 
   …focus on the details.

You might be surprised by what you hear.

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