Sunday, August 29, 2010

"I'm in"

What kind of world would we live in if everyone took the ‘one-less’ approach?

The Wired student ministry (under the leadership of Mark & Sherilyn Grissom) led our church service today. It took us to an uncomfortable place, for if we could hear the statistics and information we heard  and not be moved out of our comfort zone, something has gone terribly wrong.

Mark told about the sacrifice the student ministry here has made so that orphans at the Rescue Children Orphanage in Haiti can get medicine and food. It is the call of Christ to sacrifice so that others who are less fortunate can know the love of God…by having their needs met.

(Wired Student Worship - Way of Life Community)
What spoke into my life was a question posed at the end of service – ‘Could I find it within me to choose ‘one-less’ of something this week so that someone could simply have ‘one’…one less Starbucks for me, one meal for an orphan in Haiti…one less ice cream purchase for me, one bowl of rice for another.

Pastor Mark used Luke 3. The crowd asked John the question, “What must we do?”
He replied in verse 11 - “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.”


Not only should this be done for the orphans, widows, and less fortunate, but also for those closest to us. What would happen if we used this one-less approach with our family, our friends, our neighbors…even our enemies? What if we consistently put others before our own will and desires? What if we were mindful of others’ wishes before we insisted on our own?

As Mark said today, “I can’t settle for things being this way. It’s just not right.” Marriages, families, relationships - all of them could be healed, renewed and restored with this approach.

Sel-FISH ways…make you stink! Self-LESS ways are honored by God.

(Wired's Rice Bowl Campaign)
(Be watching for the RICE BOWL TOUR in a city near you)
Every year at the start of football season, I am reminded of a coach who once made it the motto of his team and fans to simply say, “I’m in.” You can count on me to do my part. If I’m a player – I’m going to bring 110% of my effort. If I’m a fan – I’m giving 110% vocally. Two simple words…but they stuck.  We are all in this together because, “I’m in.”

How about letting those around hear you say, “I’m in”…God, your family, an orphan you may never meet. Make the commitment and let them know - you can count on me to be full of care, love, and compassion.

Let’s stop 'waiting on the world to change'…start with ‘the man in the mirror’. (Thanks for the lyrics John M. & Michael J.)


  1. PLEASE COUNT YOUR SISTER "IN"!!! This spoke to my heart too! Please tell Pastor Mark Grissom that I want to hear or see a recording of this service.
    Oh and the song "MAN IN THE MIRROR" my favortie MJ song and I've been listening to it on REPEAT the past couple of weeks.
    LOVE YA!