Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seeing without Observing

Sherlock Holmes once asked his dear friend Dr. Watson, “Watson, do you know how many steps there are leading up to my living quarters?” Watson replied, “Why no. I did not really pay any attention to that detail of my climb up.” As only Holmes could do, he then explained in one sentence why Watson was unable to recount how many steps it took to get to his door.

He said, “Watson, you have not observed…yet you have seen.”

With the blessing of sight and hearing, every individual ‘sees’ things.
We see that the sky is blue.
We notice when things are dark and we quickly focus upon finding a light switch.
We give attention to detail when it comes to our clothing and what others are able to see about us.

But let’s switch gears a moment and dig a little bit deeper.
We ‘see’ so much around us that needs our attention, but why can’t we remember the last time we allowed it to grip and transform our minds? To observe the need so strongly that we are unable to take another step until we have completed the task. Are we so caught up with where we are going that we are missing the journey that gets us there?

Lincoln Memorial
(Washington, D.C.)
Our lives are surrounded by needs that are flashing before us like a neon sign. We see the needs in our relationships that need attention.
We see the hurting…
We see the less fortunate…
We see so much, yet all we are consumed with is picking up our prize at the end.

Realize that there are steps to climb on our way to the prize. God help us to not just see them as something we need to hurry and climb…but to observe the opportunities that lie on each rung. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

I can't get away...

I enjoy reading a good crime novel every now and then. With these kinds of books, I don’t usually keep a highlighter with me because you don’t really expect to get life changing quotes from the author. One of the main characters of this particular novel said something though that stopped me right in the middle of a chapter. It was at a reeeeally good point too, where she was giving the back-story of why she was the way she was. But I had to stop, close the book, and consider what she said. Her companion was trying to get her to simply let certain things of her past go and not really deal with them.
Ma & Pa Heritage Trail
(Bel Air, MD)

She said: “I can’t get away from stuff if I can’t get through it.”

I’ve often wondered why certain things happen to we humans? 
I understand that we bring certain things upon ourselves, but life happens to everyone. Whether it is sin or it is everyday life, things take place that we can’t seem to get a grip on.

In many of these moments we want to just say, ‘Calgon, take me away.’ (Women do anyway)
When life happens, many want to find the nearest hiding place until the storm passes over. Not everyone wants the ball when the game is on the line. As a matter of fact, that is why there are a whole lot more followers today than leaders.

Some wonder why they never can seem to shake the heaviness of guilt – doubt – lack of 
self-confidence – the mundane – habits – lack of direction – on and on the list could go. . . 
In truth, we never got away from what has locked us into our prison because we never made it through it. We often stop right in the middle of our circumstance because we don’t want the ball in our hands when decision time comes.

Main Street
(Bel Air, MD)
Dealing with things causes confrontation, and I cannot stand confronting things. Maybe it is my nature, but I have learned that I am not the only one who doesn’t care much for this part of life. But it is so necessary. As a matter of fact – it is a must!

I am not just referring to confronting others. There are moments in life where that cannot be avoided, but most of the time it is easier to confront others than it is to confront our own selves. We procrastinate because we want others around us to think we have it all together.
I don’t struggle with (fill in the blank).
I do not have bad days.
I know right where I am headed.
I am tough…I can deal with this.

Let’s get real today. If you are human (and I hope you are if you are reading this), it is time to confront…you. You are never going to get away from it until you get through it. But before you start that process, pause and be sure He is with you.

(Forest Hill, MD)
 Psalm 23:4
Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for YOU ARE CLOSE beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.

Confront it, or you will never get away from it. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

the Convincer

Today has turned into a quite the adventuresome day. Yesterday, my wife sent our oldest son to his school nurse to show her a bite on his left leg. It had turned purple all around it, which had her highly concerned. Max is not one to complain all that much so it was easy for us to overlook the seriousness of it. Following the nurse’s advice, I picked him up from school and took him to our local pediatrician.

What I thought would be just a routine observation turned in to a 45-minute minor surgical procedure. Staff infection had set up residence in that area and had to be dealt with. 
I DO NOT like for my kids to experience any sort of pain and did not enjoy this visit one bit. Before we left her office, the doctor said something to me that caught my attention. She said, “If we could have gotten to this sooner, we could have headed this thing off and wouldn’t have had to do this.”

the Hill '3'
(Forest Hill, MD)
In that split second, I wanted to say, “Thank you captain obvious.”  
I thought better of it when I realized how often that is just what I do. I put off…put off…put off what I know is necessary, only to have to face it sooner or later.

When we wait and let our ‘stuff’ mature, it is so much more difficult to deal with. To use a medical term – we end up having to do surgery and cut stuff away, where it would have been so much easier had we dealt with it when the time was right.

I am quite the convincer. I can convince myself that if I ignore the issue that it will go away. Either that, or I will learn how to live with it. The issues (habits – crisis – sin – hurts – pains – decisions) we face will never just go away. At some point, they all must be dealt with.

Just like I despise seeing my kids have to lie on a table in pain, our Heavenly Father hates it even more when life throws difficulty into our path. What bothered me most about today was that I didn’t notice the problem on Max before it got to this point. This was not something to play with and thankfully it was caught in time – so lying on that table today while the doctor did her work was for his benefit. But it possibly could have been avoided, if we had been more observant.

Only we know what our issues are. Only we know what we have procrastinated in dealing with. We must stop convincing ourselves that it will go away, because we all know better. It is much more painful having to lay our spiritual being upon the master’s table – especially when He has to look at us and say, “If you would have brought this to me earlier, it would be nowhere near as painful.”

Who knows…heading it off early on might just keep you from even getting a scar. Don’t delay. Take whatever it is to Him today, and let the healing begin.  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I did it My Way

Other than the Beatles and Elvis Presley, there has not been a more popular figure in the world of music than ole blue eyes himself – Frank Sinatra. You could possibly add a few names to that list, but he would have to be included as one of the all time greats.

Sinatra had a song that has gone down as a classic entitled, ‘I Did It My Way.’ While in some ways, it has a tremendous meaning…it also has a tune that you cannot get out of your head once it is stuck in there. I know this from experience, because it happened to me this morning.

As the song (LIKE A STUCK RECORD) continued to go over and over in my mind, I found myself thinking of how many people possibly have lived this way?

Individuality can be a good thing. We are all made and geared differently. It is even encouraged that we find our place in this world and fulfill the calling that is our own. There is a major difference though between being you…and…doing what you want to do.

Scripture tells us that we are set apart…we are chosen to accomplish great things for Christ. It is imperative that we grow in confidence concerning the person that He has formed us to be. But we must be so careful that this blessing of individuality does not grow into a mindset that we are to do things our way.

I remember reaching the age of thirteen. I was brilliant and my parents knew nothing. I just might have been the smartest boy on the face of planet earth, for it was amazing how much more I knew about life than my parents did. If they would only listen, I knew what was best for me.
Larry / Max / J / Dad
(Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA)

It only took a couple times of doing things my way, that I realized something.

I realized that I needed help. I could not believe that I did not know everything. I was just sure that I did. But I finally figured out that my parents had some answers about life that I needed to learn.

Once we grow into maturity, we often revert back to this mentality. We get a few life experiences under our belt, and we begin to think we’ve got things under control. Our prayer – fasting – study of the Word…it is not as imperative as it once was. Fulfilling our mission of becoming a part of the local church and making a difference is something we do when things are convenient. We are just doing things our way.

The problem with doing things our way is life is no respecter of persons. Regardless of your standing, things WILL show up that you yourself cannot handle alone. There are even things in life that we were not meant to experience alone. This is why we need a Savior.

(Forest Hill, MD)
A good test to see if you are doing things your own way or not: Look over your shoulder and see whether or not you’re carrying a cross. If you don’t feel the burden of Christ’s call…then you might just be doing things your way.

Matthew 16:24 (KJV)
If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bags Fly Free

You just have to love Southwest Airlines. I’m not here to give a free plug to one of the major airlines in our society, for my advertisement wouldn’t do much for them anyway. What you have to love about them is…(Let’s all say it together) Bags Fly Free!
It feels so good to know that with all you have to go through to get to the airport two hours early, check in, and then get through security, you at least don’t have to worry about wagging around a piece of luggage to have to store in the overhead bin. Southwest takes care of it for you…and they do it all for free.

(Baltimore, MD)

You know, wagging around baggage wears me out. It is just another responsibility that I have to take care of. Everywhere I go, it has to go with me.

There are many of us who could actually do commercials for Southwest with how we live our everyday lives. We are so loaded down with ‘bags’ that we should hang a sign around our neck, “Bags Fly Free.”

I know, from experience, how heavy this kind of living is. No matter where we go or what we attempt to do, we are always worn out. Worn out trying to be someone we are not. Constantly feeling like we have to cover something up because we do not want anyone to see our baggage.

We have no hands to serve with because they are occupied. They are occupied with all the bags that we won’t let go of.
We have no mouth to give encouragement to others with, for who are we to say anything…our ‘bags’ are so obvious for others to see.
We can’t truly be free because of the responsibility that comes with carrying around all of our stuff.
(Forest Hill, MD)

True freedom can only become ours when we make the decision to stop making excuses for why we carry around what we do. 
By allowing our bags to hang around, no individual realizes what a steep price they are going to have to pay until it takes its toll. We often convince ourselves that we can handle the weight we choose to carry around without realizing that there is always a price to pay.

Why not make the decision to say, “No More.” No more to guilt – No more to habits – No more to confusion – No more to (fill in the blank). No more will it be my responsibility. Bring it to God – leave it there – then walk away. Only then can you know what it’s like to be free.

Hebrews 12:1 - …let us throw off everything that hinders, and the sin that so easily entangles…

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It most often is a lifelong search when it comes to our chase of clarity. What is God’s will? How do I know when I’m in it? How do I make it happen?

This is why following Christ is the road less traveled. On more occasions than not, His way is difficult to understand. This walk with Him involves a whole lot of faith, praying, and action. His ways and thoughts are not of our world, so clarity only comes by prayer and fasting – as well as hearing the Word, then doing what it says. It is the only way to CLARIFY what is that good and perfect will of God.

Romans talks about a renewing of our minds so that we can KNOW – so that we can CLARIFY what is the will of God. Our minds are an amazing part of our body. There are details of our brain that are beyond the scope of science. Yet, we understand that our minds cannot contain all of the things that we put in them. Education – television – radio – conversations – our world is full of opportunities to fill every corner of our brains, and yet we always find room for more.

Federal Hill
(Baltimore, MD)
I’ve begun to realize that in order to have CLARITY, I must do some cleaning out. I’ve got to disconnect this part of my body from what it has been plugged in to. Unfortunately, I have come to the reality that I’ve been a hoarder.      
I have had a mind so ‘cluttered’ with junk that my true identity could not get through.

Inner Harbor Lighthouse
(Baltimore, MD)
We look upon individuals who never clean out their belongings, and we shake our head and wonder, ‘How can they live like that?’ They can hardly walk through any room in their home because of … junk. And yet, many of us can’t walk toward our God given destiny because of the very same thing we’ve done to the ‘muscle’ right between our ears.

Hoarding a past - because we just can’t let it go.
Hoarding unforgiveness - because we just can’t forgive what was done to us.
Hoarding a negative outlook - because everyone else seems to have it all together.

Renew. Freshen things up. Clean it out. Create a path toward clarity and let it work as a funnel to focus on not only the decisions of today – but also where you are headed tomorrow. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Make a DECISION already

I have never been accused of being a good decision maker. You do not want to be hungry and then depend upon me to make the choice as to which eating establishment we will patronize. I’m working on it and doing much better, but making decisions is just not something I enjoy.

I have learned that decisions are important. Choices we make affect not only us, but also everyone within our circle. That is why I do not enjoy decisions. For if it is the wrong one, then you could blame me. My decisions make me responsible.

As I reflect over my life, I wonder how often God has been frustrated with me? I am quite sure it is very similar to the frustration my wife has felt before when I would not decide where to eat.

I’ve learned over time that being around indecisive people is frustrating.

I used to get so agitated when my oldest son, Max, would never make a decision. We would go on his day to a store and walk it for hours in order for him to choose something he wanted. I literally wanted to throw a celebration when he FINALLY looked at me and said, “I can be ok with this.”

(Central Park - New York City)
 What I didn’t realize is that God was giving me a reflection to look at. One day I was sharing with my wife how that his indecisiveness drove me crazy…annnnnd as only wives can do, she looked directly back at me and said, “He is just like you.” 
(On a side note – I’m grateful for a companion that is not afraid to bring those REALITY CHECK moments into my life. Please don’t tell her that I said that.)

In all of our praying, fasting, and sacrifice – we better be bold enough to make a decision. I know from experience how easy it is to sit back and wait for the voice of God to speak and give direction, when He has already given us a book of His promises to supply every need we could ever encounter. God is just waiting on us to make a decision. I almost feel like sometimes God is sitting there saying, ‘I can’t bless you until you KNOW what you want.’

And how will we ever know? 
Romans 12:2: (NKJV)
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may PROVE what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Pray? Yes.
Fast? Absolutely.
Sacrifice? It’s a must.

But we better be a people of choice. Stop being afraid whom it will affect. Do not allow yourself to be overcome with worry that somebody may not like the decision you make. Quit looking at the impossibilities and trying to figure every detail out. Live Romans 12:2 – then make a decision already.

God simply wants to know that you KNOW what you want. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's 'my' Idea

It is amazing how on certain days I can be so full of faith, trusting God for the work He is doing in my life - and then others are spent trying to figure out why my life is going in the direction it is. I have this ‘plan’ and ‘idea’ that certain things are supposed to be a certain way because I am a follower of Christ.

Chuck Swindoll blew this theory up on me the other day when I read: “We need to understand that God’s “wonderful plan” is wonderful from His perspective, not yours and mine.”

That just messes everything up, doesn’t it? We are taught as a young child to aspire for greatness. Go to school. Graduate from college. Get a five-year plan together. Get married. Have two kids and a dog. Live in a house with a white picket fence.
There is always going to be enough money in the bank account. Everyone will always be healthy. Just basking in the blessings that are given out from God.

That is our idea of what God’s wonderful plan entails.

Art Museum
(Federal Hill - Baltimore, MD)
It is not that God sits around planning for our demise. Nor does He desire for us to experience difficult moments. 
Imagine (if you are a parent) moments with your children when they are hurting. Those moments when they are tested…you want to step in so bad, but you know what they are going through is for there own good. It is in the school of life where character is forged.

If you truly believe Him to be your Heavenly Father, then we have to have faith enough in Him to believe that He knows what He’s doing. We often wonder why our parents don’t just step in and make everything better? They know, from experience, that this trial is for our growth. The best way to bring honor to your parents is to grow independent from them and dependent on God.

What an incredible parallel that can be drawn. If you really want to honor your Heavenly Father, then grow independent from your plan and depend on Him
Why doesn’t God just step in and fill up our bank accounts?
Why does God not just heal their sickness?
I wonder what God is doing? I’m seeking an answer for direction that just hasn’t shown up.

(Forest Hill, MD)
Understand, as a loving Father, His plan has a heavenly purpose. It is to mature you in preparation for His eternal promise. Not just for you, but for everyone you come in contact with.

Remember: Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. (NLT)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Up the Crazy

Questions abound all around us. There are moments in our lives where the answers we seek are not under any rock that we turn over. We know that the answer is somewhere near, but no matter how much we do a 360-degree turn in our search, it is just impossible to find or even understand.

I truly enjoy the ‘What If’ questions. I would do this or that, but ‘what if’ this happens? 
We could accomplish that, but ‘what if’ the plan goes awry?

This ‘stuff’ always turns out to be the big giant obstacle that causes us to miss out on some of the greatest God moments that we could ever encounter. 

Cherry Creek Bridge
(Jarrettsville, MD)
You ever wonder what would have happened if David (the shepherd boy) would have backed out from facing Goliath. I go back a little further and wonder if he would have even had the courage to go out to the battlefield that day had he not first faced a lion and a bear? I can imagine him thinking, ‘Well, I’ve faced two vicious animals. How much worse could this human be?’
You know, God always provides preparation moments to get us to accomplish what our lives were meant to.

I could go down a long list of biblical examples of courage. Our master was even filled with questions during His agonizing night of prayer in Gethsemane. He asked the question, 
Why hast thou forsaken me?” Questions will abound, especially during some of our weakest moments.  

(Forest Hill, MD)
Sometimes you’ve just got to up the CRAZY! What do I mean? Sometimes you have just got to look at the questions that abound, and GO anyway. It is the true definition of
II Corinthians 5:7: For we walk by faith and not by sight.

God’s ways are not our ways. Yet, in our humanity, we want to take so much time trying to figure out what He is doing instead of just GOing all in.

Turn up the crazy.
It’s crazy to try something without the entire plan laid out in front of you.
It’s crazy to step out and make a major change when everything is so comfortable.
It’s crazy to even consider what is rolling around in your heart, because that is just not you.

Every great football team needs a little crazy in them.
Successful corporations that have been consistent in their growth, has been guilty of making a crazy move or two.
Churches, in certain areas, have exploded in growth and continue to grow because of individuals crazy enough to GO in faith – instead of wasting time trying to figure God out.  

National Mall
(Washington, D.C.)
If you truly want to experience the miraculous work of God in your life, then up the crazy in your world. Crazy makes others around us shake their heads…but they just don’t get it. From where they stand, things are safe. Crazy is going ALL in. And when ALL of our cards are placed in the hands of the master … the amazing begins to occur.

U2 said it well…”I’m gonna go crazy IF I don’t go crazy tonight”

Its time to go ALL IN – for all God needs is a few followers ‘crazy’ enough to believe that He can do the impossible.   

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

walk THAT way

Bum Phillips – the former coach of the NFL’s Houston Oilers once made a comment where he said, “There are 2 types of coaches in the NFL: them that have been fired, and them that are gonna be fired!”

I have found it to be a perfect parallel to another statement I read recently concerning people. In life, there are those who have been hurt – and those who are gonna be hurt!

There is no getting around this statement. You either have been hurt or you are a short period of time from experiencing it.

Relationships go awry…
            Physical problems show up…
Financial crisis…
            Losing loved ones…
            Spiritual battles…

There are days when life is filled with hurt. There is no question in that. What is the question in this day and time: Where is the compassion?

Loch Raven Dam
(Towson, MD)
Aliceanna St.
(Inner Harbor - Baltimore, MD)
If some in today’s world were the Good Samaritan walking along the road to Jericho and saw someone lying in a ditch –
We might stop and look.
But before helping we would:
- Have to form a committee.
- Appoint a chairman.
- Delegate the responsibility to others.
- Then seek approval.

By the time this all happens, the hurting individual is gone.

You know, Christ was so into simplifying things. 
He gave us a pattern to follow when it came to compassion.
He cared so much for mankind that He became human – died on a cross – rose again to make it possible for all people to be made whole.
And now, He ask those of us who have been healed by His grace to care for others as He cared for us.
It is really that simple.

He paved the road…it is just up to us whether or not we want to walk that way. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Leaving 'me' behind

Greatness messes with me. It doesn’t matter if it is in the sports world, corporate life, or ministry, greatness just causes me to shake my head in amazement. You see the finished product of a life ‘gifted’ to accomplish what is happening right before your eyes.

Tim Tebow accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of bringing his team 
(the Denver Broncos) back on numerous occasions with only seconds to spare.
Michael ‘Air’ Jordan always doing the spectacular.
Drive through New York City, and you see the name Trump everywhere you look.
Church communities who have united themselves together to accomplish the plan of God – and then He, in return, has made them a global force for good.


WWII Memorial
(Washington, D.C.)
We love to read the books, watch the documentaries, and be invited into the ‘unknown’ parts of these people’s lives. For we all want to know what the secret is.

I am not saying that this is the answer to that secret, but it sure seems to fit:
“By leaving behind your old self and taking a leap into the unknown, you find out what you are truly capable of becoming.” (David Roads)

Isn’t this just another definition of faith? Scripture defines it as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen…
So, I feel that a parallel can be drawn from the greatness of these earthly ‘heroes’ who have accomplished so much (through their hard work) – to everyone aspiring to be great.

City Pier on Broadway
(Inner Harbor - Baltimore, MD)
 It is much easier for us to stay within the confines of what we ‘know’. It is familiar and comfortable because it fits within our security blanket. It is like the old Cheers theme song: Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.
It is our go-to. It is our habit.

And often times, our habits keep us from ever shaking things up. There are moments where we need to shock our own selves and take a leap. If you are accomplishing the things you are in life on your own, then you are never going to experience what it feels like to be great. We live, we move, we have our existence – BECAUSE OF HIM!

There is no way for God to receive glory from our life if we are doing what we do on our own. Reason being, your definition of greatness is not even on the same playing field with God's. God wants to do things for and in you that you do not even realize you are capable of.
Things that will cause you to shake your head in amazement…for that is what GREATNESS does to you.

How great is our God? Why not take a leap into the unknown and let Him show you.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Simon Peter is usually the one disciple that I seem to most be able to relate to. There is just something about his failures that cause us to usually think about our own selves.

There was a particular story concerning Peter that I’m sure most of us have read or heard someone speak of. Just before Christ’s crucifixion, Peter told the Lord that he would never deny Him. He would even go so far as to give his own life for the Master.

But to make a long story short, the scripture proves that Peter denied the Lord on three separate occasions and then he ran away.
Jesus was then taken, tried, and crucified.

Can you imagine the guilt and the shame that Simon Peter had to endure? The thoughts that consumed him of not only the memory of what he said to Jesus, but how that he had forfeited the opportunity to share his love for Jesus with others.

(Forest Hill, MD)
After the crucifixion - just three days later, Peter heard that Jesus had risen from the dead.  I can only imagine what Peter’s mind was like at this point. He has risen and I am now truly on the run. Where can I hide from Him?

Just think, Peter was the man who was going to be the rock on which the church was built.
But now – now – that is over. I blew it.  I sacrificed that chance when I messed up.

This brings me to the book of John 21:3:
With all this stuff going through the mind of Peter – WHAT WAS HE DOING?
Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing.’

Think back to Luke 5: Was Peter not supposed to be a fisher of men?
Could it be that Peter was so beaten up in his mind that he had given up?

I read a statement not long ago that said: A person without a future will ALWAYS return to his or her past.
(Whatever that ‘IT’ is – ‘IT’ will always hold you back from your dream!)

Inner Harbor
(Baltimore, MD)
Those dreams – those ambitions – those things they were going to do – they are now burned and become ashes because of a mistake. This is where Peter and the others found themselves…Going back to what was comfortable. 
The old habit – the old life – doing what they know. Whatever ‘IT’ was...for them, it was fishing.

And in the end, they caught nothing … that is, until Jesus arrived.

Holding on to the ‘IT’ in your life = nothing.

No matter your failures – No matter your mistakes – No matter your circumstances: Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. So, leave ‘IT’ behind and pursue the destiny He created you for.

Friday, January 13, 2012

'Dream On'

Dreams can be a roller coaster ride. I’m not talking about the ‘goal’ kind of dreams…I’m referring to the ‘when you are asleep at night’ dreams.

I might be the only one, but when I am extremely tired, my dreams are flat out crazy. After I wake up the following morning and do a rewind of them, all I can do is shake my head at the lunacy of the story lines.

Central Park
(New York, NY)
This happened to me last night. Following a long workday in New York, I made it home and hardly remember showering before literally falling into my bed. This morning, I literally started laughing at the fact that I spent my night running from a dinosaur in New York. It had gotten loose and was causing havoc. It was your normal Jurassic Park / I am Legend remake. Crazy, huh?

This kind of stuff is so relational to our everyday lives and dreams though.
How? (I’m so glad you asked)

If we truly live by faith, then we have dreams and desires to experience the impossible – those things that we cannot accomplish on our own. We spend so much time passionately planning and working our way toward those God-given dreams. Whether it comes from our physical, mental, or emotional side…we human beings can grow weary. We grow tired of the struggle, and we fight to overcome the temptation to quit or even to ‘laugh’ at ourselves.

In our weariness, we could compare our ‘dream’ to the dreams of dinosaurs chasing us through New York City. ‘I am going crazy. I’m living a pipe dream if I actually believe that this can come true.’

National Mall
(Washington, D.C.)
This is what happens to us when we grow weary of the struggle. 
In a moment of passion, what once was felt to be attainable…now feels out of reach.
When our energy was high, the sky was the limit. Now it feels like we have to look up to see the dirt.
Once filled with the confidence to push through any obstacle standing in our way, we now want to just have a seat even while rolling downhill.

I know we have just started a brand New Year filled with opportunity and hope, but we also have a world filled with a lot of tired dreamers.
Be encouraged by scripture today:
(Galatians 6)
9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (NIV)

I may be tired, and it may seem crazy…but the proper time is going to arrive if I don’t give up. Dream on tired dreamer…