Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Relax....You're in School

For some, school is an ancient memory. For me, the Class of 1993 seems like yesterday. If only I had known that 17 years ago, the life that I knew was going to be no more.
FREEDOM …… I just ‘knew’ that I had finally reached the place that (even though I went on to college) I could stop learning.

In these last few years I have graduated from several different schools:
       - The school of ‘hard knocks’
       - A small university called, GUU
                   (Grow Up University)
       - I’m currently enrolled in P.T.N.T.M.E.U.   U
                   (Parent Trying Not To Mess Everything Up University)

But there is a University that no one will ever graduate from. This school is not one that you have a choice of enrolling in or not. . . . For the University of Life enrolls individuals daily into its masters program. The only thing that is for sure – It is up to you what you learn and what you don’t.

With many returning to school this time of the year there is a happening called ‘Orientation’ that takes place to get everyone acclimated to all that is going on. Usually what you see at Orientation is a multitude of confused people wandering and wondering – Where do I go? Who is my teacher? What class do we meet in?

(New Bel Air High School - Bel Air, MD)
In the University of Life, things are very similar. Some days the pieces fit perfectly into place. But many days are spent with the pieces of our schedules, and the decisions of which way to go getting all jumbled up until the picture is unrecognizable. This is where frustration begins to boil.

The worlds system cries out to us – just change majors!
      Get tired of the old way – get a new one.
          Just follow the crowd – they will end up somewhere.

Following the ‘broad’ way will get you trying to force the pieces of your puzzle into places they do not go. And pardon the pun, but that simply leaves you …. Puzzled.

Relax. Be Patient. Seek help in putting your puzzle together. None of us have all the answers to our life. Certain pieces are cut just the way you need them to be to complete you. . . . understand the fact that ‘all things work together for good’. Let the process teach. For the particular piece you need for a certain spot in the portrait may need some edges refined.

Focus on one piece at a time. Patience is……(I just can’t say it)
I’ve always been a guy that wanted to get things done yesterday. I have no time to wait – just shove that piece in there….put the other one over here. Let’s get it over with and worry about the consequences later. But on my personal journey, recent experience has taught me how much wisdom is in the words….’they that WAIT upon the Lord’. Take the chess player’s mentality and focus on one move at a time – then wait.

Philippians 1:6 – Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.  

Just relax….You’re in school.   

(School Bus Company - Forest Hill, MD)

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