Thursday, August 5, 2010

your mama don't DANCE & your daddy don't Rock-n-Roll

There is something alluring about the scan button on your car radio that can become addictive…especially when a Gold Bond medicated powder commercial comes on telling you how to cure foot fungus that might have been plaguing you for years.
The ol’ scan button addiction hit me yesterday and…I know I shouldn’t have, but the old song, ‘Your mama don’t dance & Your daddy don’t rock & roll’ caused me to stop, turn up the volume, and sing the (whole) two lines of the song I know. The rest was gibberish, but at least I was on key….(or so I tell myself).

After carrying on like a fool for a couple moments, I returned to reality and joined my ‘regularly-scheduled programming’ of sports talk. However, the brief interlude started me thinking that while the lyrics of the song are not the most wholesome – the title of this song fits so many.

·      How long has it been since you’ve danced to life’s music?
·      How long has it been since you’ve turned up the volume on an old song and sang as if no one was listening?

Whether you are in a life-altering decision or facing crossroads of difficult circumstances not knowing which way to go, sometimes you’ve got to just stop and dance for a moment.

The theme of this song was simple and clear - if people would allow more, you could really have fun. In a totally different context, allow me some leniency to say that some have become so ‘stiff’, they’ve lost their ability to ‘move’.

In I Samuel 30, you read the account where David was distressed because people were wanting to stone him. . . however, later in the verse it says that, “David encouraged himself in the Lord.” There is a place deep inside you (if you’re willing to pay the price to find it) where you can step up to the plate and encourage your own self.

   - If it’s turning up the music and singing at the top of your lungs – do it.
   - If it’s walking in the park and listening to nature – do it.
   - If it takes dressing funny and being yourself for a change – do it!

Whatever provides you the ‘dance moves’ and the ‘rock-n-roll coolness’ to be able to get your groove on during life’s circumstances, don’t delay another moment. Don’t wait on someone else. ENCOURAGE YOURSELF…and dance.


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