Thursday, August 26, 2010

I can see. . .

Have you ever wished you had superpowers? 

(SCARY trick-or-treaters back in the day)
Which one would you want it to be?
…x-ray vision
…the ability to fly
…maybe you ladies want to be elastic-girl
…how about climbing up the side of a building like Spider-Man
…or maybe the Hulk - turn green and very large when you get mad

(If I had a super-hero vehicle....this is what you'd see as I was coming)
(Boston Street - Baltimore City)
Yesterday, I experienced the blessing of going for a physical exam. Maybe it’s just me, but I always leave feeling a wee bit vulnerable. During the eye test, the doctor shared with me I had ‘hawk-eyes.’
He said, “You can not only see….but you can see beyond the norm.”

I immediately thought, ‘wow’. Maybe I could go stand on a telephone pole and see rabbits running through fields. Of course, I only have ‘hawk-eyes’. I don’t have ‘hawk-wings’, or ‘hawk-talons’ to swoop in and catch them.

But isn’t that an amazing statement? ‘Sir, you can see beyond the norm.’ If only that was the case all of the time. If only I could see what was coming next. If only I could have peace knowing that the storm on the horizon, the hurtful situation, or that impossibility…was really going to work out. Maybe even see that financial blessing on it’s way, or the healing I’ve been praying for. 

If only. . .

But that’s what a personal relationship with Christ offers us…the ability to look past our storm and see beyond our crisis. That’s what faith is all about. Scripture lets us know that “without faith, it is impossible to please Him.”

II Corinthians 5:7, “For we walk by faith and not by sight”’
Galatians 3:11, “It is through faith that a righteous person has life.” (NLT)

There’s no way for an individual to truly know life without faith in Christ. If we only live by what we see through our physical eyes, then the will to fight on will eventually wither away. There’s no one who can hold up against the buffeting of life on their own. In the world we live in, what we see and are faced with every day is constantly warring against our hope to believe for more.

So why not use the gift of faith to see beyond the norm?

- When the storm comes, remember…you know the One who can bring peace instantly.
- When you are uncertain about decisions. . .have confidence that the hand of the creator is guiding your every step.
- When loss, pain, and crisis show up on your doorstep. . .know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called to fulfill His purpose.

(On the farm - Forest Hill, MD)
Maybe you just need some corrective lenses to help you focus beyond your present reality…things are not always as they appear. The saying goes, “What you see is what you get”. However, through God’s eyes, what you see is not always what you get.

Exercise some spiritual ‘super-hero’ faith, and you too will be able to see beyond the norm.


  1. I want to be the 'jumper'..where I think of a place and 'bam!', I'm there. Would sure save on flights and travel and be so much easier with kids! (no potty breaks)

  2. I wanna be ALL 5 IDEAS!!! Turn Green, Climb the side of buildings, FLY, have X-RAY VISION & be ELASTIC GIRL!!! rofl
    COULD YOU IMAGINE "your hyper sister" as any ONE of the 5??? Bwaaaahaaa

    Thank you for another AWESOME WORD OF TRUTH that I needed!