Thursday, August 19, 2010

'Back at One'

There are some songs you just can’t get out of your head. You know, the ones you hear while shopping, or those playing in a restaurant that you sing along with (quietly J) as you go about your day.

Yesterday, I was in a business and a song came over the speakers I hadn’t heard in some time. It was a song from Brian McKnight that was released in the 90’s entitled ‘Back at One.’

The last two lines of the chorus were what caught my attention. He sings through five reasons of why he is grateful for finding the girl of his dreams…..but he closes the chorus by saying, “If ever I believe my work is done, I’ll just start back at one.”  In other words, if our relationship ever gets complacent and I start taking you for granted – I will go back to the beginning and remember how I felt when it all started.

I just wonder, how many people in this world are going through the motions when it comes to their relationships…
…with Christ.
…with their spouse.
…with their children.

Maybe even with their God-given purpose.

I had a friend say to me not long ago, when the questions arise in your life, go back to the initial reason you chose this path. When you begin to doubt decisions and quit believing in yourself so much that you ‘settle’ for the comfortable…go back to where it all started. Go back to that initial feeling of true love when your passion burned brightest.

So many people simply don’t want to start all over again. They’ve worked so hard to get to where they are – so hard in fact that they’ve sacrificed the child-like excitement they once felt. Apathy, tunnel vision, selfishness… all sets in. And the relationships closest to them suffer while they are left to ponder what could have been.

(13 years and counting....)
Check in on your relationship with God today. Are you as close as you want to be? Do you miss spending time with Him like you use to? Does His Word excite you to the point that you want to pick it up daily and let it speak to you? What about the journey He has called you to take…..does it still stir you?

What about your closest relationships - the people you spend the majority of your time with? Have those connections become complacent? Do you look for ways to avoid communicating or spending time together?

If so, go back to where it all began. Find that passion again that used to wake you up, ready to pursue your calling and purpose. 

(the chair my shirts ended up on)
Too many relationships have become like old clothes…we used to take such care to hang them up neatly, keeping them cleaned and pressed. Now they’re tossed across a chair (if they’re lucky), while many end up on the floor. 

We can take our used clothes to consignment stores or put them in a garage sale, but that is not possible when it comes to our relationships.

We need to….
     …guard them
       …protect them
         …treasure them.

If you have lost your way, go to the beginning and start 
‘Back at One’. 

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  1. I'm gonna do exactly as you recommended!!! Thank you, for speaking straight into my heart and sharing everyday. You are a BLESSING!
    Love Ya!
    Big Sis