Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 'Garment' that speaks...

Imagine with me that every word you spoke, or every thought you ever had about yourself, became a garment for you to wear? (Laurie Beth Jones)

It was a question I came across recently that seemed to sum up the last 36 years of my life. At the top of the list of some of the greatest sins we could ever commit is a lack of confidence and belief in our own selves.

How is that possible?

God made us and created us in His own image. He chose us. He believes in us…
               (on and on the list goes)
And yet, we convince our own selves that something is wrong. . .something is just not right. Scripture says, “…out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” We have allowed this thought process to fill our mind and heart so much, that we actually convince our own selves that we are masking this sin.

(Maryland Snow)
Forest Hill, MD
Where does it lead?

To a place where no one can truly believe what we say. To a place where trying to please people is more important than telling them what they ‘need’ to hear. To a place where you are always the victim and never the problem.

To put it bluntly – It’s bondage in its greatest form. You can never be led because you are unable to lead your own self. Your marriage, relationships, and acquaintances will remain good…yet never make it over to greatness. True success in life will always remain out of reach because of the gray area that has engulfed your world. You will look in the mirror and it’s always someone else – you can never point the finger in the direction it belongs.

You cannot give your way out of this. You cannot serve your way out of this. You cannot talk your way out of this one. It is an addiction. . .and the first thing you have to do with an addiction is admit that you have a problem. It is a mask that can never truly cover up what is on the inside.

(Central Park)
New York, NY
Freedom awaits those who humble themselves and stop. Stop allowing your lack of belief in yourself to ‘victimize’ you. Your wife is waiting on a leader. Your husband needs his teammate to stand with him. Your children are longing for their hero to stand up. And this world has been waiting on the Jesus that only you can show them by what your ‘garment’ is saying.

The sooner you start seeing the sin in this, the sooner repentance can begin. 
I can personally guarantee: this is the greatest Christmas gift you could ever give yourself. Because there is nothing like the freedom of walking in the light.