Monday, August 9, 2010

the Wave and a Smile

Had the privilege of leaving out around 5 am today to do some 'transporting' up into the state of New Jersey. Every time I go through Jersey, for whatever reason, the 'Boss' & the E Street Band begins playing in my head. Enough about that . . .

(No - I didn't drive the truck ..... only a passenger)
As we made our way northward, we passed through the town of Elkton, MD. As we were leaving,  'Papa Joe' began waving at an older gentleman sitting on the railing of a bridge we were crossing. The elderly man had a safety vest on and, after looking closer, I noticed he had a cooler and a lawn chair with him. Papa Joe said, "that man sits in that exact spot all day, every day just to wave and smile at people as they go by."

This may sound a bit simplistic, but I couldn't get this man out of my head the rest of the day. I thought, 'What an amazing way to spend a few remaining years....just sitting on a busy road for the purpose of cheering up tons of people he may never get to know.'

(Cherry Hill Bridge - Rocks State Park)
It's impossible not to compare this to Christ.

In John 4 you can read of an encounter that Christ had with a woman at a well in Samaria. A woman that was tired of bearing the brunt of gossip and of being abused made her way to draw water at the noon hour expecting for there to be no one around. . . . but Jesus ‘just happened’ to be sitting there waiting. Waiting to bring hope. Waiting to bring peace. Waiting to change not only her day, but the rest of her life.

This parallel can be used to paint the perfect picture of our everyday’s .…
Here we are - weighted down by the cares of life. Loaded with uncertainty, worry, and disappointment. Quite possibly we have even brought some things upon ourselves? Whatever the case, Jesus is sitting on the side of our road with a wave and a smile just to brighten up our day. For true strength is found in the JOY of the Lord.

My honor goes out to the stranger in Elkton, MD for shining a little Jesus into my day today. If you pass through and go over the main bridge heading out of town, get ready...for a wave and a smile! 


  1. You didn't even need me for this one! lol. Loved it. LOVE the bridge pic...can I buy it? Maybe you could make enough money to buy your own camera!! bwaahhaa. your (favorite) wife. :)

  2. Love that man! Used to live right down the road from where he sits. We'd drive by, honk the horn and the kids would go nuts waving to him. Definitely a "feel good" moment. Thanks for reminding me of this special little blessing.