Saturday, August 28, 2010


This just in: Funnel cakes are good!

Last evening, I was privileged to have one…well, half of one.  To give proper honor to my wife – she ate the other half. As I was ordering it, a friend asked if they were good. The owner replied, “The best you’ve ever had. We use a secret recipe.” While it was delicious, I can’t say it was the best I’ve ever had.

Isn’t that a letdown sometimes? People will tell us, ‘You must do this, or you must eat there’, and we get all hyped up. . .only to be let down by a sub-par experience.

This kind of occurrence is so like our walk with God. We come to Christ, expecting things to always be wonderful. He promised to give us the desires of our heart. He promised life more abundantly. But here we are in the middle of this trial, and all we can think of are those people who say, “living for God is the best life in the world!” In those moments, many begin to question whether or not this is ‘really’ the greatest way to live.

(Grateful those who fought for my freedom thought it was worth it!)
(WWII Memorial - Washington, D.C.)
In the middle of his trial, Job couldn’t get a grip on things.  He had served God with all his heart – the Bible even says ‘there was no one like Job in all the earth’ - yet God allowed him to be chosen to prove a point to the devil. The Lord told Satan he could do anything he wanted to Job but kill him. Don’t you think Job wondered if this ‘living wholeheartedly’ thing for God was really worth it?

Understand, sometimes God will allow testing and trying times to come into your life, not only as teachable moments for us, but also to fulfill a divine purpose we may never understand. What we must never do is give up. We must hold on till the purpose is complete.

(Hwy 24 Intersection - Bel Air, MD)
If you follow Christ, you will have plenty ‘not-so-sunny’ moments. Scripture says it rains on the just and the unjust. But keep in mind, the end is already settled. You are not living for this world and what it brings. You are His hands, feet, and mouth. If you are willing to accept that responsibility, He has an incredible plan for you.  (It may even gain you access to the greatest funnel cake you’ve ever had.) 

(Sunset in Philadelphia, PA)

C’mon – you know there’ll be funnel cakes in Heaven. J

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