Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You look Marvelous....Just Marvelous

All my life I’ve heard individuals say, “My day is coming. Just wait, good things will come to me.” I awakened to a rainy day here in Maryland, and to a lot of people, rainy days end up feeling gloomy. If you forgot your umbrella, you’ll get wet. If you don’t watch where you’re stepping, then you’ll get squishy shoes while walking. It just messes up your entire plan for that day – and we humans don’t like it when our plans get shuffled.

(Rainy in MD)
I opened up my email this morning and a friend of mine had sent to me a ‘youtube’ video from Coca-Cola (free advertisement). It was a Coke vending machine they put in a college cafeteria that gave out more than just your regular 16oz Cokes. One student kept getting one 16oz bottle after another till the student, laughing, just turned and started handing them out to others. One student looked into the dispenser and a party sub came rolling out…along with a 2 liter Coke to wash it down with. The moral of the video was about spreading happiness and making people smile. Let’s just say….they accomplished their purpose!

(Borrowed the kids Coke)
It made me think this morning of Psalms 118 where David is encouraging himself and others to give thanks to God for His goodness. In verses 23-24, he said, “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day that the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

There are very few individuals who live out their days with this mindset. Some live out the first five words, ”This is the Lord’s doing…”,  but when things get rough, we often say, “Well, God brought me here. He is in control of everything, and look what I get for trusting Him.” And it’s there we stop.
We should continue on and say, “No matter the rain, the storm or trial - ‘It is marvelous in my eyes.’ I know it’s messed up my schedule. I know it’s affected my comfortable setting…but, God, you do all things marvelously.”

Our mentality must change from ‘this might be my day’, orthis could be my day’, tothis IS my day’.  None of us know when our answer will come from God. Today just might be our day. But regardless of rain or shine, this day is one that God has made….it’s simply your decision as to whether or not you rejoice in it.

Although God is not a Coke machine - just taking your money and sending you away with your selection, He is there to provide you with air to breathe, provision for your need, and hope for an abundant life…’s just up to you to smile. 

(Smiley in Downtown Baltimore)

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  1. I believe I'll have a Coke...and a smile! bwaahhaa!