Friday, August 27, 2010

'You' take the wheel

All my life I‘ve heard well meaning individuals say to me, ”just let go of the wheel and let God have control.” For Christ promised that if we would seek Him first, all these things would be added to us.  If we would simply ‘let go’, then He will direct our paths.

(I-95 North - Baltimore City)
Problem is, some individuals have taken that thought to the extreme – they have let go…and they are still waiting on God to work out every detail of their lives. So many sit around saying, “someday God is going to do this for me. Someday, God is going to work out my problems. Someday, God is going to direct me here.” And all the while, God is speaking into your life, “Get up, grab hold of the wheel, follow Me as I guide you.”

This may seem a bit blunt, but too many feel safer surrounded by their security and comfort. Basking in the blessings of God, driving on cruise control, unconcerned about the direction in which they are heading…or whether they are heading in any direction at all. Others can’t seem to figure out why their ship has yet to come in. Always asking the question, “how is it that God keeps blessing everyone but me?” And then there are those, controlling the wheel (and attempting to control their direction), with their spiritual GPS’s battery so low, it’s no wonder they’re lost.

Faith alone in God is not what walking and following Him is all about. Scripture ties another word to faith.

James 2:14, 17 says, “What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”

(I-95 Towson / Essex Exit)
You can have all the faith in God you want. . .but if you don’t put some wheels on it, you won’t go anywhere. God is the GPS, while we do our part…and drive. 
We must remain plugged in and connected through His word and communication with Him, and then we will be attuned to His voice.

Sometimes His voice takes you the long way around. Other times, it directs you through areas you want to slump down in your seat and hide. No one knows the entire journey beforehand, but while following His guidance, He might take you through places you may never have chosen to go. They are usually the places you look back on and see as the pivotal points to what got you to this moment.

Be encouraged today. Grab hold of the wheel. Stop sitting back, pretending to be ‘waiting on God’.  It could just be that God is waiting on you. Recharge the GPS – grab the wheel - and put it in drive.

(Yes - my fellow drivers were safe)

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  1. Yes Sir...I needed to be reminded! I often say "Lord, I GIVE this to me" and then instead of waiting and following where he leads; I pick it BACK UP and try to DRIVE MYSELF!! That doesn't work and I have discovered it, the hard way!
    Thank you make my DAY so much better with each daily BLOG!

    Love Ya!