Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seeing without Observing

Sherlock Holmes once asked his dear friend Dr. Watson, “Watson, do you know how many steps there are leading up to my living quarters?” Watson replied, “Why no. I did not really pay any attention to that detail of my climb up.” As only Holmes could do, he then explained in one sentence why Watson was unable to recount how many steps it took to get to his door.

He said, “Watson, you have not observed…yet you have seen.”

With the blessing of sight and hearing, every individual ‘sees’ things.
We see that the sky is blue.
We notice when things are dark and we quickly focus upon finding a light switch.
We give attention to detail when it comes to our clothing and what others are able to see about us.

But let’s switch gears a moment and dig a little bit deeper.
We ‘see’ so much around us that needs our attention, but why can’t we remember the last time we allowed it to grip and transform our minds? To observe the need so strongly that we are unable to take another step until we have completed the task. Are we so caught up with where we are going that we are missing the journey that gets us there?

Lincoln Memorial
(Washington, D.C.)
Our lives are surrounded by needs that are flashing before us like a neon sign. We see the needs in our relationships that need attention.
We see the hurting…
We see the less fortunate…
We see so much, yet all we are consumed with is picking up our prize at the end.

Realize that there are steps to climb on our way to the prize. God help us to not just see them as something we need to hurry and climb…but to observe the opportunities that lie on each rung. 

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