Thursday, February 2, 2012


Do you ever find yourself needing peace and quiet after watching an action movie? The suspense that you feel throughout that hour and a half usually sets your nerves on end.
The ones that have the setting in a time ‘long ago’ are the ones that grab my attention quickly. These usually feature several scenes where either a country is fighting for its freedom, or where individuals have to defend what is their own. With the weapons that are available, it usually causes the squadron leader to hold back the troops until the enemy is right on top of them.

I can just hear Russell Crow or Mel Gibson shouting out…”HOLD! HOLD! HOLD YOUR FIRE! NOT YET!” The enemy is bearing down upon them, getting closer by the second. Yet, they have to wait while their trigger fingers are getting jumpy – their hearts are racing – and fear of the unknown consumes their thoughts.

WWII Memorial
(Washington, D.C.)
In life, we never leave the front lines. If you are participating and involved, life keeps coming and it’s picking up speed. We can see it coming with all its uncertainty and our flesh cries out to just start firing.

But what do you do when Jesus says, “HOLD! NOT YET!”

I don’t think I have to spend much time on what happens when we just start firing away at life.
- Things get said that we wish we could take back.
- We end up in places that we never meant to go.
- You might shoot down a couple of problems, but you will never win the war.

God has a purpose for this moment. I know life is bearing down on top of us with all its might…but do you trust your leader? Can you take your finger off the trigger and Hold? Scripture describes patience as a virtue, for it wars against our flesh and what our humanity screams out for.
(Forest Hill, MD)
Are we willing to HOLD in order for God to receive all glory for the victory that lies ahead of us? Understand, He has already been in the face of your circumstance long before you ever encountered it. In my imagination, I can see how the young soldier must have felt as the sweat beads formed on his forehead – his heart began to race – and the looks toward his commanding officer of, ‘Do you see coming at us what I see?!?’ 
Yet the commanding officer continues to shout out, “HOLD! HOLD! NOT YET!” The reason he could say those words with such confidence is because he has been here before.

Trust Him today. Look straight at life as it barrels down upon you…and Hold. Your leader has been here before.

II Chronicles 20:17: But you will not even need to fight. Take your positions; then STAND STILL and watch the LORD’s victory. He is with you…Do not be afraid or discouraged.

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