Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bags Fly Free

You just have to love Southwest Airlines. I’m not here to give a free plug to one of the major airlines in our society, for my advertisement wouldn’t do much for them anyway. What you have to love about them is…(Let’s all say it together) Bags Fly Free!
It feels so good to know that with all you have to go through to get to the airport two hours early, check in, and then get through security, you at least don’t have to worry about wagging around a piece of luggage to have to store in the overhead bin. Southwest takes care of it for you…and they do it all for free.

(Baltimore, MD)

You know, wagging around baggage wears me out. It is just another responsibility that I have to take care of. Everywhere I go, it has to go with me.

There are many of us who could actually do commercials for Southwest with how we live our everyday lives. We are so loaded down with ‘bags’ that we should hang a sign around our neck, “Bags Fly Free.”

I know, from experience, how heavy this kind of living is. No matter where we go or what we attempt to do, we are always worn out. Worn out trying to be someone we are not. Constantly feeling like we have to cover something up because we do not want anyone to see our baggage.

We have no hands to serve with because they are occupied. They are occupied with all the bags that we won’t let go of.
We have no mouth to give encouragement to others with, for who are we to say anything…our ‘bags’ are so obvious for others to see.
We can’t truly be free because of the responsibility that comes with carrying around all of our stuff.
(Forest Hill, MD)

True freedom can only become ours when we make the decision to stop making excuses for why we carry around what we do. 
By allowing our bags to hang around, no individual realizes what a steep price they are going to have to pay until it takes its toll. We often convince ourselves that we can handle the weight we choose to carry around without realizing that there is always a price to pay.

Why not make the decision to say, “No More.” No more to guilt – No more to habits – No more to confusion – No more to (fill in the blank). No more will it be my responsibility. Bring it to God – leave it there – then walk away. Only then can you know what it’s like to be free.

Hebrews 12:1 - …let us throw off everything that hinders, and the sin that so easily entangles…