Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It most often is a lifelong search when it comes to our chase of clarity. What is God’s will? How do I know when I’m in it? How do I make it happen?

This is why following Christ is the road less traveled. On more occasions than not, His way is difficult to understand. This walk with Him involves a whole lot of faith, praying, and action. His ways and thoughts are not of our world, so clarity only comes by prayer and fasting – as well as hearing the Word, then doing what it says. It is the only way to CLARIFY what is that good and perfect will of God.

Romans talks about a renewing of our minds so that we can KNOW – so that we can CLARIFY what is the will of God. Our minds are an amazing part of our body. There are details of our brain that are beyond the scope of science. Yet, we understand that our minds cannot contain all of the things that we put in them. Education – television – radio – conversations – our world is full of opportunities to fill every corner of our brains, and yet we always find room for more.

Federal Hill
(Baltimore, MD)
I’ve begun to realize that in order to have CLARITY, I must do some cleaning out. I’ve got to disconnect this part of my body from what it has been plugged in to. Unfortunately, I have come to the reality that I’ve been a hoarder.      
I have had a mind so ‘cluttered’ with junk that my true identity could not get through.

Inner Harbor Lighthouse
(Baltimore, MD)
We look upon individuals who never clean out their belongings, and we shake our head and wonder, ‘How can they live like that?’ They can hardly walk through any room in their home because of … junk. And yet, many of us can’t walk toward our God given destiny because of the very same thing we’ve done to the ‘muscle’ right between our ears.

Hoarding a past - because we just can’t let it go.
Hoarding unforgiveness - because we just can’t forgive what was done to us.
Hoarding a negative outlook - because everyone else seems to have it all together.

Renew. Freshen things up. Clean it out. Create a path toward clarity and let it work as a funnel to focus on not only the decisions of today – but also where you are headed tomorrow. 

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