Tuesday, January 17, 2012

walk THAT way

Bum Phillips – the former coach of the NFL’s Houston Oilers once made a comment where he said, “There are 2 types of coaches in the NFL: them that have been fired, and them that are gonna be fired!”

I have found it to be a perfect parallel to another statement I read recently concerning people. In life, there are those who have been hurt – and those who are gonna be hurt!

There is no getting around this statement. You either have been hurt or you are a short period of time from experiencing it.

Relationships go awry…
            Physical problems show up…
Financial crisis…
            Losing loved ones…
            Spiritual battles…

There are days when life is filled with hurt. There is no question in that. What is the question in this day and time: Where is the compassion?

Loch Raven Dam
(Towson, MD)
Aliceanna St.
(Inner Harbor - Baltimore, MD)
If some in today’s world were the Good Samaritan walking along the road to Jericho and saw someone lying in a ditch –
We might stop and look.
But before helping we would:
- Have to form a committee.
- Appoint a chairman.
- Delegate the responsibility to others.
- Then seek approval.

By the time this all happens, the hurting individual is gone.

You know, Christ was so into simplifying things. 
He gave us a pattern to follow when it came to compassion.
He cared so much for mankind that He became human – died on a cross – rose again to make it possible for all people to be made whole.
And now, He ask those of us who have been healed by His grace to care for others as He cared for us.
It is really that simple.

He paved the road…it is just up to us whether or not we want to walk that way. 


  1. and, of course...now I can't get that song out of my head. ;)

    Incredible post!

  2. At least it's an Aerosmith song... :)