Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Always keep the ball in front of you. Always.

If I heard it one time, I heard it a thousand times while growing up:
“Larry, always keep the ball in front of you. Always.”
From coaches, to my own father, it seems like a never ending recording that goes off in my head every time I step on to a softball field now days. Smother it, lie down in front of it, block it with glove or body, but do not let the ball get past you.

(Josh Hamilton - TX Rangers)
Camden Yards - Baltimore
My ball playing days have slowed quite a bit as father time has chased me down (and yes, it is tough to admit that), but I have learned that you never really get out of the ‘game’. Life comes at you hard sometimes. Other times, it comes knuckling at you and you cannot tell which way it’s going to bounce. 

From this simple principle that I learned from my ball playing days, I’ve found out that it is imperative that I ALWAYS keep the ‘ball’ in front of me. If we are not careful, life can pass us by and leave us standing in a spot where we would give anything to have a do over. Many have had the opportunity to ‘make a play’, and have allowed things to get by them all because they were afraid of the ball.

To stop a baseball that is screaming toward you takes TOTAL commitment. You can’t be afraid of whether or not it is going to take a bad bounce or hurt you in some fashion…whatever it takes, the ball must stop.

Why is it so important?

BECAUSE THE GAME IS ON THE LINE. If you don’t stop it, then someone else has to pick up what, in reality, was meant for you.

'Philly Phanatic'
Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA
In this game of life, we have to be individuals who want the ball hit to us at the crucial moment. But to be that person, we must have already put ourselves through the ‘process’ of commitment – If it gets hit to me: I’ll do whatever it takes to stop it.

If you knew that it meant the safety of your loved ones – would you stop it?
If you knew that it was the answer to passion and purpose for your life – would you do whatever it took to stop it?
If you knew that this opportunity was your life changer – would you lie down in front and smother it?

It’s the ultimate test in life. Are you afraid to really live?
Like it or not, life is continuously going to be rolling ‘stuff’ toward you. Are you person enough to stare it down and do whatever it takes to…

Keep the ball in front of you. Always.


  1. '...someone has to pick up what was meant for you.' Wow. Never thought of it that way before. Awesome.

  2. This is a question I'm going to be forced to ponder tonight. Going to a memorial service for a 9 year old just seems to do that to someone. Time to do some hard core praying to release the fears that are keeping me from really living...grateful for the challenge.