Monday, January 2, 2012

What are you...11?

My 11 year old was on a roll a few mornings ago. I sat nearby and overheard a conversation between he and his little brother that I wasn’t completely pleased with what was being said. After correcting that, I then found his bath towel draped across the television downstairs. Following that, he wouldn’t answer any questions his mom and I would ask. O yes – there is more. After brushing his teeth, he unexplainably walks out of the bathroom and leaves the water running.

I can hear many of you now:
- NOT in my house!
- He needs a good spanking!
- That attitude better change!

And then, for those of you that have known me for years:
- Larry is just reaping what he has sown.
(I choose to ignore those of you in that camp. J)

(Bel Air, MD)
In all seriousness, we can learn all sorts of things from a child. My 11 year old caused me to look in the mirror of my relationship with my heavenly Father.

* The mornings I wake up and start my day without Him. My first conversation is with 
twitter / facebook / the grouch that is within me.
* I continue on throughout the day grumbling over what is not right. Upset because ‘they’ said or didn’t say this to me. Kind of like throwing a wet towel over the television…someone else will pick up my mess.

You know, the more I think of it, how many times must God say, “I so wish they would stop acting like an 11 year old.” Sure, I corrected my son…but he is actually 11 years old. And as he continues to mature, he is going to have moments of acting this way.

But if we claim to be a mature Christ follower, I (we) must start acting like it.

Purpose in our lives:
- I will begin each morning with Him.
- I will not allow what is said, not said, or done to affect what I know He is doing in my life.
- I will not wait until HE has to correct me in order to get ‘it.’It is time I grow up in Christ. Stop going through my day acting like I don’t know any better. 

Max is my child…but on that particular morning, I was not well pleased. Correction came and stopped him in his tracks to let him know, this is NOT going to continue.
I am Christ’s child. He is my heavenly Father. But I wonder if He has to spend more time ‘closing’ doors (correcting me) than He does ‘opening’ them (blessing me)?


  1. wow. 'I wonder if He has to spend more time 'closing' doors than he does 'opening' them?'...boom.

  2. BADA-BOOM!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the "truth", Larry! As you
    WELL know your sister, I NEEDED these words myself today, as a huge reminder; whether anyone else needed it or not!!!
    I'm singing & looking.......praying to go "beyond the OPEN doors" the Lord is
    guiding me thru!
    I love you!
    Big Sis

  3. Awesome! Cathy and I were just discussing this very issue this weekend. We purposed to begin each day with God. And to establish such a close relationship that we stop feeling like we must "introduce" ourselves to Him each time we go to Him for answers.

  4. Thanks much guys...great to hear what you are doing!