Friday, January 20, 2012

Make a DECISION already

I have never been accused of being a good decision maker. You do not want to be hungry and then depend upon me to make the choice as to which eating establishment we will patronize. I’m working on it and doing much better, but making decisions is just not something I enjoy.

I have learned that decisions are important. Choices we make affect not only us, but also everyone within our circle. That is why I do not enjoy decisions. For if it is the wrong one, then you could blame me. My decisions make me responsible.

As I reflect over my life, I wonder how often God has been frustrated with me? I am quite sure it is very similar to the frustration my wife has felt before when I would not decide where to eat.

I’ve learned over time that being around indecisive people is frustrating.

I used to get so agitated when my oldest son, Max, would never make a decision. We would go on his day to a store and walk it for hours in order for him to choose something he wanted. I literally wanted to throw a celebration when he FINALLY looked at me and said, “I can be ok with this.”

(Central Park - New York City)
 What I didn’t realize is that God was giving me a reflection to look at. One day I was sharing with my wife how that his indecisiveness drove me crazy…annnnnd as only wives can do, she looked directly back at me and said, “He is just like you.” 
(On a side note – I’m grateful for a companion that is not afraid to bring those REALITY CHECK moments into my life. Please don’t tell her that I said that.)

In all of our praying, fasting, and sacrifice – we better be bold enough to make a decision. I know from experience how easy it is to sit back and wait for the voice of God to speak and give direction, when He has already given us a book of His promises to supply every need we could ever encounter. God is just waiting on us to make a decision. I almost feel like sometimes God is sitting there saying, ‘I can’t bless you until you KNOW what you want.’

And how will we ever know? 
Romans 12:2: (NKJV)
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may PROVE what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Pray? Yes.
Fast? Absolutely.
Sacrifice? It’s a must.

But we better be a people of choice. Stop being afraid whom it will affect. Do not allow yourself to be overcome with worry that somebody may not like the decision you make. Quit looking at the impossibilities and trying to figure every detail out. Live Romans 12:2 – then make a decision already.

God simply wants to know that you KNOW what you want. 


  1. Indecisiveness is huge in my life. My parents had the same frustration with me that you have with Max. I was their indecisive child. I still fall into this tendency. My husband has the same issue with me that Susan has with you. He asks what I want to eat and I say "I dunno, what sounds good to you." I've never looked at it from God's perspective. So often I find myself waiting and waiting for Him to show us the way, but I don't stop to think that He's waiting for me to decide what I really want. Definitely some food for thought.