Thursday, January 26, 2012

I did it My Way

Other than the Beatles and Elvis Presley, there has not been a more popular figure in the world of music than ole blue eyes himself – Frank Sinatra. You could possibly add a few names to that list, but he would have to be included as one of the all time greats.

Sinatra had a song that has gone down as a classic entitled, ‘I Did It My Way.’ While in some ways, it has a tremendous meaning…it also has a tune that you cannot get out of your head once it is stuck in there. I know this from experience, because it happened to me this morning.

As the song (LIKE A STUCK RECORD) continued to go over and over in my mind, I found myself thinking of how many people possibly have lived this way?

Individuality can be a good thing. We are all made and geared differently. It is even encouraged that we find our place in this world and fulfill the calling that is our own. There is a major difference though between being you…and…doing what you want to do.

Scripture tells us that we are set apart…we are chosen to accomplish great things for Christ. It is imperative that we grow in confidence concerning the person that He has formed us to be. But we must be so careful that this blessing of individuality does not grow into a mindset that we are to do things our way.

I remember reaching the age of thirteen. I was brilliant and my parents knew nothing. I just might have been the smartest boy on the face of planet earth, for it was amazing how much more I knew about life than my parents did. If they would only listen, I knew what was best for me.
Larry / Max / J / Dad
(Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA)

It only took a couple times of doing things my way, that I realized something.

I realized that I needed help. I could not believe that I did not know everything. I was just sure that I did. But I finally figured out that my parents had some answers about life that I needed to learn.

Once we grow into maturity, we often revert back to this mentality. We get a few life experiences under our belt, and we begin to think we’ve got things under control. Our prayer – fasting – study of the Word…it is not as imperative as it once was. Fulfilling our mission of becoming a part of the local church and making a difference is something we do when things are convenient. We are just doing things our way.

The problem with doing things our way is life is no respecter of persons. Regardless of your standing, things WILL show up that you yourself cannot handle alone. There are even things in life that we were not meant to experience alone. This is why we need a Savior.

(Forest Hill, MD)
A good test to see if you are doing things your own way or not: Look over your shoulder and see whether or not you’re carrying a cross. If you don’t feel the burden of Christ’s call…then you might just be doing things your way.

Matthew 16:24 (KJV)
If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

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