Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Up the Crazy

Questions abound all around us. There are moments in our lives where the answers we seek are not under any rock that we turn over. We know that the answer is somewhere near, but no matter how much we do a 360-degree turn in our search, it is just impossible to find or even understand.

I truly enjoy the ‘What If’ questions. I would do this or that, but ‘what if’ this happens? 
We could accomplish that, but ‘what if’ the plan goes awry?

This ‘stuff’ always turns out to be the big giant obstacle that causes us to miss out on some of the greatest God moments that we could ever encounter. 

Cherry Creek Bridge
(Jarrettsville, MD)
You ever wonder what would have happened if David (the shepherd boy) would have backed out from facing Goliath. I go back a little further and wonder if he would have even had the courage to go out to the battlefield that day had he not first faced a lion and a bear? I can imagine him thinking, ‘Well, I’ve faced two vicious animals. How much worse could this human be?’
You know, God always provides preparation moments to get us to accomplish what our lives were meant to.

I could go down a long list of biblical examples of courage. Our master was even filled with questions during His agonizing night of prayer in Gethsemane. He asked the question, 
Why hast thou forsaken me?” Questions will abound, especially during some of our weakest moments.  

(Forest Hill, MD)
Sometimes you’ve just got to up the CRAZY! What do I mean? Sometimes you have just got to look at the questions that abound, and GO anyway. It is the true definition of
II Corinthians 5:7: For we walk by faith and not by sight.

God’s ways are not our ways. Yet, in our humanity, we want to take so much time trying to figure out what He is doing instead of just GOing all in.

Turn up the crazy.
It’s crazy to try something without the entire plan laid out in front of you.
It’s crazy to step out and make a major change when everything is so comfortable.
It’s crazy to even consider what is rolling around in your heart, because that is just not you.

Every great football team needs a little crazy in them.
Successful corporations that have been consistent in their growth, has been guilty of making a crazy move or two.
Churches, in certain areas, have exploded in growth and continue to grow because of individuals crazy enough to GO in faith – instead of wasting time trying to figure God out.  

National Mall
(Washington, D.C.)
If you truly want to experience the miraculous work of God in your life, then up the crazy in your world. Crazy makes others around us shake their heads…but they just don’t get it. From where they stand, things are safe. Crazy is going ALL in. And when ALL of our cards are placed in the hands of the master … the amazing begins to occur.

U2 said it well…”I’m gonna go crazy IF I don’t go crazy tonight”

Its time to go ALL IN – for all God needs is a few followers ‘crazy’ enough to believe that He can do the impossible.   

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  1. I'm all about crazy... ;) Love the statement that 'God provides us with preparation moments'...thankful He cares enough to do that.