Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who Am I?

Ever have trouble identifying yourself?

Some might say:
I’m an alcoholic.
I’m a doctor.
I’m a father.
I’m a liar.

All of these perceptions begin to work together to create an idea of who we really think we are. Before we know it, if we are not careful, we can begin to believe the notion that we define our identity.

Rocks State Park
(Jarrettsville, MD)
There are all sorts of titles we give ourselves when it comes to our idea of identification. All of those things listed above are things you did or are doing, but they are not who we truly are. If our heart has been given over to the creator of this world, then doesn’t He define who we are? 

When we make the decision to give our life over to the one who created it, our identity becomes BIGGER than our activity. It is a celebratory fact to know that I am one that is greatly loved by God. I am not defined by my mistakes nor the ugliness of my past / present. His word tells me that He makes all things new. A new life – A new opportunity – A new moment is mine because I am accepted and chosen by Him. 

Inner Harbor
(Baltimore, MD)
Think with me a moment, can we really understand the love of God until we have children?
I remember the scariest part of having our first child. For me, it came after everyone has left. My wife had just had surgery and was forced to lie flat of her back for a period of time. I sat there (ALL ALONE) and held Max realizing that he was not going away! This thing was going home with us.

I remember Susan saying, “Isn’t it amazing that so much love already exists in us for him?”
(I remember saying, ‘Well, Susan….I don’t know. Let’s see how he turns out. Scholarships. Athletic. Music. See if he is good looking and has an outgoing personality. Let’s wait and see how he turns out first.’)
I didn’t say that!

Not one individual would look at this new gift of life and say anything close to that. Yet so many of us live under a cloud of condemnation because we feel like the jury is still out as to what God thinks about us!

Federal Hill
(Baltimore, MD)
As the thoughts of how unworthy you are to experience the good things in life begin to pile upon you each day, identify yourself as His child. Identify yourself by the love He has for you. And get this - There is nothing you can do to change the fact that you were chosen by Him long before you were even in your mother’s womb. For our God is LOVE.

Say it everyday:
I AM – Chosen.
I AM – Loved.
I AM – the Temple of God.
I AM – more than a conqueror through Him.

That is WHO I am. 

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