Monday, February 20, 2012

Floor it

A recent statement by John Maxwell caught my attention: He said, “To get unstuck, you first have to go back to the place where you got stuck.” The statement sounds ridiculously elementary to understand, yet incredibly difficult to put into action.    

We are forward moving creatures that want to advance in everything that we put our minds and hands to. But there are moments in our lives when we have to go back to a certain spot before we can ever take a giant leap forward.

(Baltimore, MD)
I’ve often wondered why that I have made the same mistakes over and over again, and it comes back to one simple thing: I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. When we make the conscious choice to go back to the root cause of why we are where we are, we learn invaluable information that helps us to gain traction.

Federal Hill
(Baltimore, MD)
My vehicle has unfortunately been stuck on many occasions. If there is one good thing that has come out of these many debacles, it is that I have had experience to learn from. I have learned that if, EARLY ON, I will put the car in reverse and ease forward and backward a little…traction will eventually be found that will free me from my stuck position. Usually, the only time I have had to obtain help from an outside source is when my stubbornness gets the best of me. I become so determined to continue in the direction I was headed that all I do is spin. 
I’m moving, but going nowhere.

Your giant leap forward could be just one small step backwards away. In reality, it really is not a step back…it is only a return to get your traction back. And when you feel life catch hold and begin to move, floor it. 

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