Friday, February 3, 2012

Keep your Powder dry

There is a motto that was used during the American Revolution that said:
"Trust in God but keep your powder dry."

I have been so guilty of living life at times wondering when God is going to just show up and make everything better. We question Him like He is on the witness stand, “Why haven’t you made this better? I don’t understand why life is treating me this way. God, just one thought from you in my direction would make all this mess go away.”

We literally take the ‘Stand Still’ commandment from scripture to a whole other level. We are standing in the same place we were when we first started with Him…just waiting on Him to act.
Conowingo RailRoad
(Darlington, MD)
Mark Batterson said it incredibly in his new book The Circle Maker: We must pray like it depends on God…and work like it depends on us. There are going to come moments in your life when you must ACT on the faith you have in Christ. Too many are waiting on God to shove them out into the fray, when He is standing at the door knocking just waiting on you to turn the knob.

TRUST HIM COMPLETELY! But we cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the mindset that He is going to just magically work everything out. That once we choose to follow Him we can just sit back – relax – and enjoy the ride. This journey with Him does not work that way.

Jerusalem Mill
(Abingdon, MD)
 At some point in our physical lives, we must grow up. We come to a point that we have to stand on our own two feet and take responsibility for our life. 
It works the exact same way in our spiritual journey - We do what we can and God does what we can’t. That is why we trust and give our lives to Him. He is the ultimate Father and wants to see us become all that we were created to be. And like every good father, sometimes He steps back and lets us grow.

Trust in God but keep your powder dry. You never know when the fight is going to show up.  

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