Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ridiculously Crazy

Have you ever thought to yourself: If my dreams became the future of all mankind…would this world be better for it?
I have listened to the dreams of my children, and they are so cool. From Sam being a Rockette - to Grady being a Starship Trooper - then over to Max who will play all eleven offensive positions in football (at one time). It is the normal reaction in our minds though to think, ‘just give them a little time until reality sits in and those dreams will adjust. 
REALITY. In my maturation process in life, I have grown to greatly dislike the mention of that word.
Erwin McManus (from his book Wide Awake) said, “Our imagination is not limited…our thinking so often is.” Because of what others have said cannot be done, we often stop short. Amazing how the thoughts of others help us to form our own realities.
Conowingo Dam Area
(Darlington, MD)

How many things in this life would we never have experienced, had we not had someone just ridiculously crazy enough to not let reality stand in his or her way of success? It truly shames me when I think of the prayers I’ve prayed, and the dreams I’ve had that ended up making God wonder why I think so little of Him?
It is the reason why it is so imperative that we “…walk by faith and not by sight.” I feel that it would do all of us good to check in on our dreams and see if they are impossible enough? In other words, are we asking for way to little from the one of who created the heavens and earth?
(Forest Hill, MD)

Why not say to your present reality - 
For WITH GOD nothing shall be impossible.  (Luke 1:37) – then go for it.
Sounds ridiculously crazy!


  1. Amazing!!! I'm gonna really start "DREAMING BIG"!! :)
    Love this!

  2. the day Max plays all 11 positions in that football game, I'm SO not bringing my book. ;)