Thursday, February 16, 2012

my Security Blanket

The older I get, the more I begin to realize that walking this road of life is like walking through a mine field. It reminds me of running a trail course that goes up into the woods with only a small path cut out to guide your way. You constantly have to watch for where your next footprint will be left. You might be jumping over a root that is sticking up, or a rock that could easily cause you to stumble.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we knew where the traps were? If we knew those things, we could breeze through each and every day without a worry or concern because we could avoid the objects that often times stop our progress.

Jerusalem Mill
(Fallston, MD)

In order to catch something that you want, a trap has to be set.
When I wanted to ask my now wife out on our first date…that is exactly what I did. I wasn’t confident enough that she would accept my initial overture, so as only a young man with a motive would do, I tricked her. I told her that a bunch of our college buddies were going out to eat and wondered if she wanted to go with us? She thought it would be fun and accepted the opportunity to ride to the restaurant with me. Once we arrived, she immediately turned to me and asked where everyone else was. Without stuttering, I told her that we had gotten there early and I asked the hostess for a table to seat 11. (I knew all along that no one else was showing up, and yes, I have repented for this lie.)

Our first date was a trap…and we sat there with 9 other empty chairs for the entirety of our meal. How I got out of that one is still a mystery to me. But it must have worked, for she is still with me after nearly 15 years of marriage.

Landmark Theatres
(Fells Point - Baltimore, MD)
This might feel like a weird segway, but the enemy of our existence does this exact thing. He will paint the most beautiful depiction on his invitation to you. He will tell you anything in order to get you to accept. And without realizing the trap that is set before us, we agree to go along. 

The New Living Translation of Proverbs 3:26 says, For the Lord is your security. He will keep your foot from being caught in a trap.

I have come to the understanding that the only times I get caught in something that brings negativity into my life is when I stop focusing on His way. I become so blinded with my own flesh that I stop feeding the spiritual man that lies within me. The fleshly side of me is the one who becomes caught in the euphoria of this world – the material – the selfish. This leads me straight into the trap of a waiting enemy.

Fells Point
(Baltimore, MD)
It is imperative that we guard ourselves at every moment. The temptation to appease our flesh is constantly rolling in on us like a wave out on the ocean. Can we avoid these traps on our own? The answer to that is simple: NO.

The Lord is my security. He (alone) will keep my foot from being caught in a trap.

The great apostle Paul had to do it, and so do I. I must die (to my will) daily. It is God’s will, and not that of my own. For then, my steps will be ordered by Him.

It brings great faith into my world to know, Jesus Christ is my security blanket.
I have nothing to fear.  

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  1. Memories. Although I find it interesting your 'segway' led into the devil tempting us. lol!! { are you like the devil?} Excellent post. As always.