Thursday, February 23, 2012


I despised rainouts. It did not matter whether it was during my time in Little League, 
High School, American Legion, or College Baseball…it would just ruin my day for our games to be rained out. All of the time spent in preparation for game day, and then this.

Rainy days (seasons) are still no fun. Even if you are lucky enough to remember your umbrella, you still have to fight it while getting in and out of your vehicle. Then you constantly have to pay attention for the next puddle of water, as if it were some sort of land mine. 
These kind of days just make getting from place to place that much more difficult. 

Rainy Day
(Forest Hill, MD)
How great it would be if the sun shined all the time in our world. 
Think about it: No disruptions – No hassle – No planning – Just get up and go.
I don’t have to tell you that rainy seasons show up. Forget the notion of rainy days…seasons roll in that will test the very merit of your desire to press on. Seasons that will have you longing for a break in the clouds just to let you know that the sun is still out there.

I opened my devotional today to this opening line: All sunshine makes for a desert. This is from an old Arab Proverb that has been around for centuries, but it is so timely for today.
Without the rain, drought conditions occur.
With no rain, we cannot grow.
The beauty of a rainbow would never be experienced, if not for rain.

(Forest Hill, MD)

Quite honestly, I need my schedule shaken up at times. As I look back on some of those rainouts while playing baseball, I realize how good for our team some of them were. I was always curious as to why our coaches would be thrilled when Mother Nature would prohibit us from playing on some scheduled days. 

(Forest Hill, MD)
Some of us needed to get healthy again.
It also allowed our best pitchers to rest up and our rotation to be reset.
Last but certainly not least; it would give us another day of preparation.

The more I mature, the less I despise the rainy seasons. I’ve learned that the longer the sun does shine, the less time I will spend in preparation (prayer – fasting – sacrifice). 
All of a sudden, I then realize that I’m walking in a dry and thirsty land. For it has led me to a desert place where there is no water.

Cherish the rainy seasons…you will then learn how to appreciate the sun when it truly does shine.   

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