Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game Day

For fans of the game of football, it could be played for 7 days a week, with no off-season, and they wouldn’t complain. This time of the year represents the beginning of what every fan hopes will be their year.

(Bel Air Terps Football - Bel Air, MD)

Our lead pastor presented to our church community today the start of a series called “Game Day.” I couldn’t help but think about all the facets that go into a team preparing for this one day. There are team meetings, individual workouts, and hours spent on strategy planning so the team will be prepared to compete and succeed.

What is troubling, not only in football but also in life, is we have a lot of people who want to compete on Game Day when the lights are on, but they don’t want to put the time in for preparation and to get themselves ready. So many are chosen and gifted with amazing ability, but their flesh gets in the way of success. If they experience the least bit of success, entitlement begins to form and they start to feel less and less like they need to continue to work on getting better. They seem to forget so easily that what it took to get here is what it’s going to take to stay here and then go even further.

The tough part is the self-examination which is necessary in the days leading up to game time. The flesh is tested because ‘film study’ has to take place. We are forced to evaluate how we performed and if we are getting better. And on most occasions, our flesh doesn’t like looking in the mirror of evaluation.

The Apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 15 that even he had to 
“die daily.” If our flesh is not consistently suppressed, the gift sets we have been given by God will deteriorate to the point that our team no longer needs us (or can use us).

(Johnny Unitas statue - M&T Bank Stadium)
(Baltimore, MD)

Teams that reach the pinnacle of success get there when each individual surrenders themselves until they are molded into a unit of one. If we are truly going to experience a new life in Him and find eternal life in the world to come, we must become consumed with His mission. His mission sought you out…He came to seek and save those who are lost. But once you’re found, your mission cannot continue to remain simply about you. Your mission must become one with Christ. . .and that mission is one word: others.

Are you ready for game time? Are you prepared for service and giving unselfishly? If not, check your preparation to see if the ‘game’ is all about your will 
or His.         

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