Monday, September 13, 2010

the 2-Way Street

This morning I've found out once again how important genuine communication is to our everyday lives. When we open ourselves up, 'air out' what is within us, and then allow our inner self to receive what comes back in return, it's amazing how much clarity and focus fills our life. 

Without genuine communication, one never sees the picture of what can be clearly. We start harboring thoughts of what we perceive instead of what is reality. 

(Cherry Creek Bridge - Forest Hill, MD)
It's one of Satan's greatest tools...miscommunication. It destroys marriages, homes, relationships, and most of all our relationship with Christ. The enemy never wants us to truly comprehend what God desires for our lives to become. He fills our life with busyness, confusion, doubt, and that our perception of things seem like reality. 

By focusing only on ourselves, we lose sight of the need to take time to 'talk' things out. If there are things you don't understand, scripture says, 'ask and you shall receive'. If we don't allow our Creator to answer the questions we have, then our flesh does it for us. 

(Railroad Tracks near Conowingo Dam)
(Street, MD)
Never underestimate the power of the spoken word...but communication is also a two-way street that involves listening
We must talk... our companion. our leaders. our children. those in relationship with us.

But we must never forget that in order to truly communicate, we have to make room for words be spoken back in to our lives. If your mind is not clear on direction, purpose, or relationships...carve out some time today and communicate.
You might just see that your perception is not really what you thought it was.

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