Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Most individuals take this week to focus upon everything that they have to be thankful for. We make our list and count our blessings for family, friends, and what we have. While we think about what we have to be thankful for – have we ever flipped the question over and thought, ‘what do we really have to be unthankful for?’

(Grass near Conowingo Rd)
(Forest Hill, MD)
We would never admit it, but our mindset proves at times that we are not truly thankful. I have caught myself on many occasions questioning the motives of God. When the bad days come and we no longer can control things around us, we fail to realize many times the ‘gifts’ these moments are. It is in these instances that God prunes us and truly builds our faith. But are we thankful for them? Do we have a heart of thanksgiving toward the master when He guides our path toward our personal cross?

There is a story of ten lepers found in Luke 17 that Jesus healed. He told them to go and show themselves to the priest so that they could enter back into society.
On the way to do what God commanded, one of them had an epiphany. He began to remember the disease that had filled his body. He was flooded with the memory of this long period of separation from family and friends. And he stopped.

(Downtown Baltimore City)
While the rest of the crowd continued on…he stopped right in the middle of the road and said I must go back. I must go back and give thanks to the one who made this possible. I don’t have time to be ‘unthankful’.

After the festivities of the holidays are complete and life hits again, don’t get caught up in the questions, the worries, and uncertainties…
In reality, ‘what do we really have to be unthankful for?’

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