Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fartlek Training

In running, there is a training method called fartlek. 
(No, it’s not what you’re thinking… J)

Fartlek training is a method used to enhance a runner’s speed and endurance. During your run, you would rotate between slow jogging paces to that of faster segments. Doing this back and forth during recent workouts, I have noticed it truly is accomplishing what it says it will. I’ve noticed my endurance levels increasing somewhat…
(and soreness)!

(Runners in Inner Harbor)
(Baltimore City, MD)
I began to wonder recently what would my spiritual life become if I made it a point to daily go through some spiritual fartlek training. Most of the time in these physical workouts, you have five minutes of a slow jogging pace…then kick in for one minute at a faster pace until you can carry that faster pace for longer periods. So many of us started out with Christ at a set pace, and have never become passionate enough to increase our endurance and strength for this journey. 

* Just getting by in our relationship with Him has become good enough.
* Having a normal marriage is okay.
* We have accepted that the problems of the world are never going to change.
* We have settled for the belief - ‘this is the way things are always going to be in my life.’

Why not shake up the routine and begin today with some spiritual fartlek?

Take five minutes today…and passionately pray for your marriage.
Take a minute or two…and pick up the phone to let someone know you care.
Take a couple hours out of your week…and dedicate it to making someone else’s life better.
Take an evening out of your busy schedule…and do life with your family.

Change the pace. Mess up the routine. You will find that your walk with God becomes stronger and you are able to endure more when the hills get hard to climb.

(Wild Berries)
(Forest Hill, MD)

Let’s get up from the couch.
Off the computer.
Away from the television.
Take a break from business.

Shock the world around you by……changing the pace. 

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  1. This could be titled, "What Every Believer needs to Know and Practice." I've found this to be true in my own life, and seen the process work in the lives of others who live it out. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.