Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Change. Change. Change. I have heard this word for the past few months in commercials, read about it in newspapers, and viewed it on the internet. Every politician from Constables to the United States Senate called for change. “We cannot stand four more years of what has been happening. Can you believe in these past four years that so-and-so has raised your taxes? Did you also know that so-and-so has been taking these funds and doing this?” So much negative is thrown around in the world of politics to simply get votes to bring about…
a change that never happens.

(St. Ignatius Cemetary)
(Forest Hill, MD)
In four more years, these same politicians will be back, mud-slinging and talking about another ‘change’ that needs to happen in our nation.

We gripe, we vote (thank God for our forefathers who gave us this right…and we should vote!), we give our opinions…but in so many ways, we are just like them. I have been so guilty of talking a good game, but when the necessary change needs to take place in my life, I often cave in. These words: ‘integrity, morality, and convictions’ have a tendency to be displaced in our life in the heat of the battle. We set out to do so much good and bring about change in our world, but when the tough decisions to ‘put up or shut up’ come, we cave in and play the ‘it’s-not-worth-it’ card.

(Loch Raven Dam - Restricted area)
(Baltimore, MD)
Change is needed. Integrity…morality…honor…convictions…all these need to be at the forefront of our lives. They need to be given more time in our lives than just lip service because anyone can talk about them, but doing them...?

What are we doing to prove it?
…in our relationships
…within our families
…on the job
…in our churches
…in our personal lives?

Scripture said, “For God so loved the world that He gave.” 
The decision to trudge forward in the face of adversity when He could have easily said, “It’s not worth it”, has brought about a change in peoples lives’ that is still reshaping things today. 

(Country Road)
(Forest Hill, MD)
If you really want the right kind of change, then stop talking about it…and do something. 

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