Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Utility Players

With the recent conclusion of this years’ World Series, I am amazed once again at the value found in ‘utility players.’ Utility players hardly ever seem to receive the accolades they so deserve. The individuals on a team who fill these roles are never the star players…they don’t get the headlines that others do…but without them a team would never win a championship.

If you need a 3rd baseman…they can do it.
Need a shortstop…count them in.
What about someone to play in the outfield for an injured teammate…they have it covered.

(Federal Hill)
(Baltimore City, MD)
Why is it that leadership overlooks utility players while trying to build a team? Utility players are a must if a team is going to be successful. They are people who are able to fill just about any role needed - whether in a church, a business, or organization…and yet, they are often invisible because many people are star-struck.

Management tends to always go after the ‘stars’ to fill their lineup. Star lineups can draw a crowd, but there are very few instances where they have been a good enough ‘team’ to win it all by themselves. Many owners and coaches will gather the best of the best to put on ‘their’ team, while capable and willing utility players move on to another place where they can be of use. Sometimes you never know what or who you’ve got until it is no longer there. Believe me, I’ve learned this one the hard way.

(Red Door @ Federal Hill)
(Baltimore City, MD)
To every leader, look within for those who might be invisible to you. That one utility player might just be the missing link to the success God desires to send your way. You never know...they might just become your MVP?

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