Monday, November 15, 2010


There is nothing quite like beginning your day with rush hour traffic. While dealing with hundreds of cars all headed in the same direction, there will be what is called ‘bottlenecks.’ This is the area where other highways are merging together causing traffic to come to an incredibly slow crawl.

(Conowingo Dam)
(Street, MD)
What drives me crazy, and is quite comical at the same time, are those who change lanes thinking they will get where they are going…faster. I watch them go from one lane to the next, cutting in and out, frustrating the drivers all around them. And when all is said and done and the traffic begins to flow again, they (along with us) have reached where we were all headed to no faster than the ones who simply stayed in the lane they were in.

(Baltimore City, MD)
I’ve watched so many individuals live their lives this way. They are constantly looking over their shoulder, back and forth, wondering if the ‘traffic’ is moving at a quicker pace in the next lane. Then they decide to quickly jump over and try the other lane…that soon begins to slow down also. All they’ve done is develop an attitude of ‘don’t-care’ as to who they cut off or jump in front of, and act as if they wish everyone would just get out of their way so they could get ‘there’.

(Inner Harbor)
(Baltimore City, MD)
We must remember that God has us all in the ‘lane’ we are in, going the speed we are going…for a reason. If we are not careful, the frustration resulting from  an attitude of impatience will consume us, causing us to wonder what life is like in the other lane.

All you are going to do is frustrate others around you…not to mention, the effects that come with not keeping your eyes focused where they should be. Be encouraged…stay in your lane. You will get there when Christ decides to open up the bottleneck. 

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