Monday, April 9, 2012

Good for you...Bubba Watson

You simply cannot love sports and not be completely captivated by what takes place during the first week of April. Also, it serves as the week of my birthday…so that doesn’t hurt anything either.
But what a great sports week it is: The National Championship for Men/Women NCAA Basketball. Opening Day of Major League Baseball. It also sets the stage for ‘a tradition unlike any other…The Masters.’  

(Forest Hill, MD)
The Masters concluded yesterday (Easter Sunday) with a two-hole playoff between 
Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen. While both players stared down enormous pressure, Bubba Watson pulled off one of the most incredible shots in Masters history. On the second playoff hole (No. 10), Bubba’s tee shot found the woods to the right. (One of my buddies told me that this is why he watched yesterday: A guy named ‘Bubba’ was hitting golf balls out of the bushes. J
Bubba did the impossible and hooked his shot out of the trees and onto the green just some ten feet from the flagstick. He then was able to make par and win his first green jacket.

He said a lot in his post match interview that touched many…but I loved what he said when asked: “Bubba, what was going through your mind as you walked up to the ball on that last playoff hole? It was surrounded by trees and lying on pine needles that had been trampled by spectators all weekend. What were you thinking about?”

Bubba simply replied: “My whole life I’ve known, If I have a swing – I have a shot.”

Bubba proved the power of belief. He proved (through golf) what can happen if you only picture the shot in your mind ahead of time. He dreamed his shot – then hit it.

Hamburg St.
(Baltimore, MD)
How many are facing obstacles, in the present, that have caused you to feel like it was over? At some point, every individual has been told that you no longer have a shot to accomplish your dream. I can only imagine how easy it would have been for Bubba to give up hope on No. 10. Don’t forget, he is the one who hit the ball among the trees in the first place. 

(Courtesy: WRBCTV)
Maybe your marriage has been driven into a place where you simply see no shot.
Possibly you’re traveling a path of dreams that have been trampled down by those around you who don’t believe.
You might even look at your current surroundings and be overwhelmed by what you see.
But if you can swing – then you have shot. 
The most important thing is to never lose sight of your shot. This journey is going to take you to places that test your mettle. But if you will keep swinging, then you can say the words uttered by our newly crowned Masters Champion: “I don’t know how to put into words the way I feel. I never got this far in my dreams.”

Good for you Bubba Watson – What a thrill to see one of the good guys get it done! Keep swinging…

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