Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do Nothing

Mistreated? Looked over? Hurt? Left out? Talked about? Disrespected?

These are just a few words that describe how many of us have felt at times in life. Through these experiences, how many times have we begged God to get us away from it all? 
How…Why…What have we done to bring these moments on?

Inner Harbor - Fell's Point
(Baltimore, MD)
I just completed my 10,000th reading of Gene Edwards classic, The Tale of Three Kings. 
If you have not consumed this book, please do not hesitate to get a copy. It will take you no more than thirty minutes to read it, but it will take you a lifetime to get it.

The story speaks of the relationship between King Saul, King David, and David’s son Absalom. Without ruining the book, there was one principle that resonates throughout the reading.
David was sandwiched between these two individuals who both wanted to destroy him. One was a king – the other was his own flesh and blood. He was anointed by Samuel to be the leader of God’s people, yet he spent years doing nothing. After spending years leading God’s people, he decided once again to do nothing when his own son plotted to take the kingdom from him. When I use the word nothing, I don’t mean that he did not work, fight, and serve to fulfill his calling. He chose to do nothing when it came to responding to the arrows thrown at him physically (from Saul) and verbally (from Absalom).

David said, “I seek His will, not His power. I repeat, I desire His will more than I desire a position of leadership.
As He did with every encounter with Saul, David said, “…today, I shall give ample space for this untelling God of ours to show us His will. I know of no other way to bring about such an extraordinary event except by doing nothing! The throne is not mine. Not to have, not to take, not to protect, and not to keep.” (Gene Edwards)

Bethesda Fountain - Central Park
(New York, NY)
When will we ever learn in our humanity that we are to present our bodies as a living sacrifice unto God – which (by the way) is only a reasonable service. (Romans 12:1)
We often times want out from under the ‘arrows’ that are being thrown our direction, when the greatest decision we could ever make is to do nothing but endure. Experience it. 
Find joy in it. Let it build within us the character needed to lead.

There was a reason that David was described as a man after God’s own heart. 
Understand that he was not perfect, for David was a sinner too. Yet, David got it. 
He submitted his human desire of authority and control to the will of His Heavenly Father.

Do what you have to do to dodge the onslaught of whatever ‘arrows’ that are being hurled your way. But while dodging, refuse to become a Saul that would destroy the Absalom in your life. By doing nothing, what you are really saying: “if it is going to be done, it’s Gods to do.” 

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  1. Sometimes it's hard for us to imagine that a 'good' God would allow an arrow to come our way. And yet...I believe He actually orchestrates them for a reason. After all, the Bible does say, 'The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.' Which means, the arrows must have a purpose if He sent them. Awesome post...