Monday, April 16, 2012

Controlling Destiny

There comes a point in the schedule for all athletic teams where it is said that they “control their own destiny.” According to their win/loss record within the division that they play, each team reaches a point where if they ‘win out’, then they control the opportunity to reach the playoffs and have home field advantage while doing so. These teams ‘earn’ this right through hard work and dedication to putting the team before personal gain.

It has been said of life that it is a lot like a game. Some days you win – Some days you lose. But what do we do about this word … destiny?

Do we ever really control it?

I have heard it mentioned in the presence of extraordinary people that they seemed ‘destined’ to achieve this level of greatness. While it does feel that way when we look upon the superstars of the athletic world – the timeless musicians who record hit after hit – and the writers who can paint a beautiful masterpiece with the printed word…we miss the journey of what it took to get there.

Camden Yards
(Baltimore, MD)
Quite possibly, this is not what you desire to hear: destiny was never ours to control to begin with. Scripture says that He formed me in my mother’s womb…He chose me and set me apart to do His work.
Speaking from human experience, it is no picnic allowing others to be in control of anything we do. As a child, we just go along with what our parents say because we have not ‘learned’ any better as of yet. Then the teenage years show up and all of a sudden we get so much smarter than mom and dad. We begin to crave control so that we can do what we want when we want to do it.
While God did choose us…He places the decision squarely in our hands as to whether or not we choose His way to get there.
He chose David to be King…He went so far as to have him anointed while he was only a shepherd boy…but David wasn’t prepared yet. He killed a lion – He killed a bear – and He killed a giant named Goliath that was threatening the armies of the Lord…but he would not stoop to take control of his destiny by destroying the cross he had to bear.

You see, King Saul ended up being David’s cross. King Saul was head and shoulders above other men. His physic – His looks – His charm…
If anyone was destined for greatness, it had to have been Saul. He was so gifted; He won so much that he eventually felt that he could finally take control. He seized his destiny so strongly that it led him to consulting with a witch and numerous attempts at taking the life of David. 
The ultimate cost was his death at the hands of an Amalekite.

The quickest way toward destruction is seizing control. 
But the path to greatness has a cross with your name on it. Don’t destroy it. 

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