Friday, March 30, 2012


Who wouldn’t appreciate the opportunity to have a do-over on some things in life?
In sports: when a team loses by one or two points, the commentators will go back to a play that if the team had only done something different, they might have won the game.
In relationships: many individuals could say, “If I had only reacted this way, we might have survived that crisis.”
With our present circumstances: If we had only done this or that, we would not be where we are - doing what we are doing.

If only we could have a do-over.

While reliving those life-altering moments, we fail to realize that in reality they were
life-halting moments. Possibly because of a decision, a reaction, or a choice, we have remained in that exact spot … for that is where a part of us died.

World War II Memorial
(Washington, D.C.)
I love what Mark Batterson said yesterday in his blog: 
He said, “There are some battlefields that I’m not meant to die on.”

Life is one fight after another. It is one choice after another. It is reacting to the circumstances that roll into our world every single day.
Mistakes are made in the heat of battle. Situations arise that are beyond our control. Many times, storms take from us the things that we hold so dear.
With this understanding, there must be a pro-active decision made in the deepest part of our hearts that says, “I will not die here.”   

(Forest Hill, MD)
What battlefield have you been lingering on for long enough? That decision – That storm – That mistake … you were not meant to die there. 
Some have been fighting the same thing for years, and can’t figure out why they are unable to defeat their foe. Tragically, in the end, they surrender and they die there. 
Don’t be a casualty of the choice to surrender to what seems overwhelming … get up and fight your way off the battlefield.

For you were not meant to die there.  

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