Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a Normal Day

"If only I could have just a normal day." We've all thought it...we've all said it at some point. 

Life consistently comes at us with all its fury filling our schedules with responsibilities that have to be met. We often wonder when and if things will ever slow we simply begin to hope for normal.
No craziness. No blindsides. No tough situations. Can I just have a day that goes normal? 

We often pray for what we consider normal yet in most cases we don't realize what we are asking for. 
Normal makes us forget about what is most important.

How many times has 'normal' caused you to feel that you needed to pray more?
Those normal relaxing days, do they cause you to realize your need for relationship?

We do not need more 'normal' ... What we really need are more days that shake us out of our fleshly belief that we are in control. 

This walk with Christ is anything but normal. 
"His ways are not our ways ... his thoughts are not our thoughts."

The disciples that encountered Jesus were given an anything but normal opportunity. Immediately stop what you know to be a 'normal' day and just follow this man whom you have just met. 
- I know you do not know where you are going...but follow me.
- I know you may not understand everything about me...but just follow. 
- You may not feel worthy, but don't worry, I already know the intent of your hearts...just follow me.

Nothing is done," Lincoln Steffens once wrote. "Everything in the world remains to be done--or done over. The greatest picture is not yet painted. The greatest play isn't written. The greatest poem is unsung." What many fail to realize though is the greatest songs, paintings, companies, and individuals who have ever been, got to their achievement in any way but normal. Their was a price to pay in order to obtain greatness. 

God help us to stop asking for normal days, and start believing for days that will test, try, and push us toward His purpose. This road will not be easy, but are guaranteed to never have a dull moment. 

Here's to a 2011 that is filled with anything but 'normal.'  

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