Friday, January 21, 2011

Watch the Donkey...

Everyone believes they have what it takes within them to be a leader. Let me rephrase that...many want the 'perks' that seem to come along with leadership.

Have you ever made the statement, "If I were in charge, then 
(fill in the blank) would happen." "I wish I could have the power and influence that he/she enjoys." What many fail to realize is there is a price to pay for being a leader. Not only that, a calling and gift from God is placed on certain individuals to fulfill His purpose and plan. 
But there is always a price tag that comes with leadership.

(Central Park)
New York, NY
Ask Abraham. Who wouldn't want to be the father of nations? 
Who would not want to have your lineage be numbered as the sand on the seashore?
Who wouldn't want to be ask to take your only son Isaac - lay him on an altar and sacrifice his life as an offering to God?

Woah...wait a minute. That wasn't in my leadership manual 101.

In life, we have to many that set their sights on being an Abraham...yet God has placed a calling upon them to simply be a servant to His called leaders.

Lost in the story of Abraham and Isaac's worship encounter with God are the servants. While Abraham and Isaac are the main characters, the servants have a role that not many have a desire to fill.
In Genesis 22:5, Abraham said to his servants: "Stay here with the donkey...The boy and I will travel a little farther. We will worship there, and then we will come right back."

Forest Hill, MD
Everyone in this story had responsibilities:
- Abraham had to lead.
- Isaac had to follow.
- The servant had to watch the donkey.

Too many live there lives continuing to pray that God would use them, when in truth, they choose not to accept the opportunities He has already placed before them to serve.
Not everyone is called to lead. Leaders must have followers in order to be called a leader. And there is no more miserable person than one who is called to watch over the donkeys, but chooses to remain set on a course to 'their own will' and not His.

Some would say that to have this mindset would be to 'settle' for less than you could be, when in reality, what it really comes down to is a 'submission' issue.
Humble yourself. Submit to the calling of the cross. Follow Him. 
And be willing to watch the 'donkey' if He asks you too.

Remember...all are called to serve. And in the end: "So the last will be first, and the first will be last." (Matthew 20:16)

Watching the donkeys doesn't sound quite so bad huh?

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  1. Reporting for donkey-duty, sir! :) Most excellent...