Monday, January 17, 2011

Fenced In

What do you do when you don't know what else to do?

Do you stomp off in a fit of rage and slam the car door when you get in? Do you crawl over in a corner and pout? Are you one of those who loves confrontation and does not mind at all speaking out how you feel?

This world is full of individuals who respond to these 'moments' in many different ways. I am not so concerned with what our reaction is today as I am about what it is that gets us to these moments. Life can throw curveballs that come at the speed of fastballs to our lives.
We might not have seen it coming, yet a reaction is going to take place.

(Winter Snow)
Forest Hill, MD
It kind of reminds me of dogs.
I've heard the statement many times: "If you are going to run with the big dogs, then you're gonna have to get off the porch."
While it is true that we must get off the porch and move...that does not tell us that we should chase every car that comes down our street either.

Many find themselves back up on the porch. Every dream that has come their way they have chased, only to have it get out of sight. Then when they don't know what else to do, they stomp off back to the porch and just lay down.
Others have literally run themselves ragged and are still chasing that elusive 'thing' that they just can't get their hands on.

Sometimes we need to realize that God has us right where we need to be, and that is living in the yard He wants us in.
His word - His leading - His Spirit has put a 'hidden fence' around us for protection and love.

(Fenced In - Winter)
Forest Hill, MD
Instead of wasting our time 'chasing cars', I wonder if we could become satisfied with standing where we are for a while?
As scripture tells us, 'when you have done all you know to do...just stand.'

For if we submit ourselves to the master, at His house:
- We find peace.
- We find love.
- We have every need supplied.
- We have relationship.

As things that look so good 'pass by', don't always give in to the urge to chase...many times God desires for you to simply stand.

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  1. I think I'm just gonna chase all the dogs IN the yard...while they chase cars! BWWAAHAAA! 'Cause Lord knows I can't sit still...

  2. Awesome words of wisdom & advice!!! Thank you!!