Monday, December 6, 2010

Study & Listen

While enjoying last nights’ Sunday night game-of-the-week between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, analyst Chris Collinsworth made a statement that immediately caught my attention. He was describing the way that the 15-year-veteran linebacker Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens goes about his craft. 
First of all, when anyone discusses how Ray Lewis goes about doing anything, it is always interesting to me. It appears that whatever he does is with passion and a purpose that not many people have.

Chris Collinsworth said, “Ray Lewis watches game film like a coach does. But he listens like a rookie.” In other words, it is like having a coach on the field who is still willing to be taught.

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Bel Air, MD
If you have watched very much football, you know that Ray Lewis is not afraid to talk. He expresses a lot of emotions to get a point across to his teammates as well as the fans in attendance. But I also see in him a desire to learn more and get better.

II Timothy 2:15 does say, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God…”But this same Bible also says in Matthew 13:9: “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.”

So many have become stunted in their growth and knowledge all because of this common disease called, “I-know-ALL-I-need-to-Know-ism.”

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I’ve got everything under control and figured out. Hear is a news flash: NO, YOU DON’T. While experience is a great teacher, and the older we get the more we learn - you can never learn it all.

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There are NEW methods and NEW opportunities awaiting this generation. We must prepare and be ready to be approved by God in order to receive His blessing…But we must also listen to God and to past, present, and future generations.

Stop being selfish with your knowledge. When you do that, all you are doing is stockpiling all that information in your brain where nothing else can get in. Let it out and make room for what you are going to learn from all that is around you.

Include a listening ear with your preparation and study…no telling how Great you might become!!

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