Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where do you Stand?

It is amazing how we often times take the simple things for granted. 
For instance: being able to stand on your own two feet. I found out this past week what it was like to lose this ‘simple’ blessing.

Rolling right along with life, paying no attention to the warning signs, my body let me know that it was not well. Accompanied by strep throat, some overlooked things in my diet caused me to be standing one moment and then coming to myself on the floor the next. 
Please notice the word from the previous sentence - ‘overlooked.’

Inner Harbor
(Baltimore, MD)

Each of us has so many things that go overlooked on a daily basis. My body let me know quickly that there were things that needed immediate attention because of what I had overlooked.
This caused me to pause along this path that I am walking daily to wonder, ‘is there anything else I am overlooking?’ For life is not afraid to sweep our feet right out from under us to get our attention.

So the question must be asked, “Where do we stand?”
Where do we stand:
- In our relationship with Christ. Do we choose Him and die daily to our own way?
- In our marriage. Does our companion KNOW without question, that other than Christ, they mean more to us than anything else in this world? Do we put genuine focus into the daily needs of our spouse?
- With our children. Are we missing in action? We are blessed with the gift of being a dad or mom, yet we are held hostage by our own choice to give time to other ‘things’ we deem more important.  
(Forest Hill, MD)

Are we willing to do inventory before we get knocked off our feet? Warning signs are there…we just have to look for them. Stop allowing yourself to believe that it cannot happen to you. Don’t overlook the warning signs that trouble is ahead. Find out now where you stand…because what is taken for granted will someday knock you off your feet.   

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