Saturday, October 9, 2010

I 'missed' you

Do you remember the first time you truly missed someone?

Maybe it was the first person you really ‘liked’. Maybe distance separated you and all you could do was talk on the phone to just hear their voice. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one and those moments come where you would give anything to speak to them once more.

I write this while sitting alone on an airplane…missing 4 people terribly (my family). I do understand the statement, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, but absence also gives you that yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach, too. J
(Max handprint)
(Rocks State Park)
What is it about absence that makes us want to stop time and take advantage of every single moment we have with those we love? Before leaving home, I wanted to hug each of my kids a little longer…I wanted to talk (and listen) to my wife a little more…and I’m only going to be gone for a couple days.

Scripture says, “Life is but a vapor – it is there one minute and gone the next.” We hear the stories of individuals who are taken from us far too early in life. I feel like I can say with all surety that we understand the concept that we are not promised tomorrow.
And yet… moments are missed. Things that we could experience with those we love are skipped over because we didn’t latch on to the moment.   

Absence does cause us to ‘miss’ those we care about…but familiarity can also cause us to ‘miss’ them, too.

*Our spouse can become so ‘familiar’ to us that we take for granted the moments we could be sharing together.
*The sounds of your kids playing around the house can become such a familiar tune that we forget they also need to spend quality moments with us sometimes.
*When things get too familiar and we cry out to God only when life starts to get chaotic...these times will become the only conversations we have with Him. For when times are good, we see no reason to block out parts of our day just to commune with Him.

(Lincoln Memorial)
(Washington, D.C.)
Make good use of the time you have…with those you love…while you can. Don’t allow your relationships to reach the point where ‘absence makes the heart stray’. Buy into those you love so that you don’t let a moment slip past you.  Your heart depends on it. 

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