Thursday, October 28, 2010


There is nothing like walking outside to start your day and the first thing you notice is this….

(Forest Hill, MD)

Buzzards have always been intriguing to me. (I know…I’m a little weird) These things are always around to clean up ‘items’ that others leave behind. They’re like our management of everything ‘dead.’

This picture does not depict the entirety of what I noticed today because right underneath this tree were two beautiful – lively horses. As a matter of fact, one of them has yet to be broken and is quite ‘lively.’ I began to wonder what would happen if these ‘dudes/dudettes’ up in the tree would do something different and come down and try to feed on something alive.

(Buzzards on the roof)
(Forest Hill, MD)
If we faced reality, these buzzards are us. We are sitting on the limbs of our ‘networks’, our securities, our dreams…and are simply too afraid to go after something different.

If you are looking for different, there is no greater example than the shepherd boy David in his fight against Goliath. Most of us know the story. Here sat the entire Israelite army, led by King Saul…afraid. Saul (as scripture shares) was head and shoulders above everyone else. But they were all so consumed with fear that they just decided to wait the enemy out. I can imagine what some thought…”We’ll just wait…eventually Goliath will get bored of waiting on us and leave. He might even die of natural causes…then we can celebrate and run the rest of them off.”
Then here comes a shepherd boy wondering what all the fuss is about. David didn’t want armor or weapons…’just let me have what I know and I’ll do something different’.

It was so easy for the rest of the ‘trained soldiers’ to jump up and fight after David did the tough part. As a matter of fact, they even fed off the fear of the Philistine army after the giant fell to a shepherd boy. “Hooray…God is awesome…You Philistines are done now.” Always being a follower is easy. But what if you are meant to be a leader?

(Forest Hill, MD)
I don’t know what it is you’re staring at while sitting in your ‘tree’ today. It might even seem like an impossible dream. But why not do something different? Your friends, your stuff, and everything else might remain ‘on the limb’…but have you ‘proved’ those lately? David only knew what the presence and power of God could do. He said, “I’ll take that with me and nothing else because it’s all I need.” 

Stop waiting on someone else to do the ‘hard part’ or ‘clear your path’ so you can leap. Do something different today – shock your dream by going after it! What have you got to lose…your spot on the limb?

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