Friday, June 3, 2011

REdiscovering the Aha

So many of us live our lives waiting on the ‘lightbulb’ moment. 
You know, that landmark occasion where all time stops and you say, “Aha.” The dream you’ve been wondering about and searching for has finally shown up and then all seems right with the world. 

If we could just move locations.
If only this job would open up.
If only this (fill in the blank) ….

It is the lightbulb moment we are all in pursuit of. 

(Forest Hill, MD)

Recently, I have been diving deeper into the book ‘Quitters’ by 
Jon Acuff. I have been challenged like never before to stop trying to ‘discover’ my dream or my path, and go back to working on 
RE-discovering’ things that I may not have been ready for earlier on in my life. Just because you or I have tried something in the past or went down a path our heart desired to go – only to have the door shut right in our face, doesn’t mean that we were wrong for attempting it. It just might not have been the right time.

God’s planning and preparation is so right and perfect. In order to do a job and do it well, we humans have to be trained and taught.

Federal Hill
(Baltimore City)
Could you handle a million dollars right now? (I know…I know, we’d all like to try) But truthfully, could you handle it if someone handed it to you, expecting nothing in return?

We all like to think we would pay off our bills, take a vacation, or invest it, taking appropriate measures to make sure it would not only last, but grow to secure our future. In reality though, most could not handle it. The reason being is…it hasn’t been earned, and we haven’t gained the learning needed to use it wisely.

Loch Raven Dam
(Loch Raven, MD)
You may have tried and failed. You may have had your dreams dashed and your heart broken. You might even (like me) feel lost many days, thinking the picture is never going to come together, and you have somehow blown your opportunity.

If so, instead of setting out on a voyage of discovery, why not turn back within and search your heart…your passion…your desires. As my dad often says, “stroll down memory’s garden” and you might just find your dream buried…right where you put it a long time ago.

Don’t wait on the lightbulb. Start digging and RE-discover that special place where your dream meets His plan.

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