Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Climbing

While on a recent run at one of our local state parks, I came to the realization that I do not like going uphill. On this rocky terrain you have to keep your eyes about two steps ahead to dodge sharp rocks that are located on the dirt path.

If all running were downhill, everyone would do it, right? 
Some would do it just because running downhill would be easy…others would because they had no choice. They would get going and before long, they would be breaking speed records because they couldn’t slow down.

(Rocks State Park)
Jarrettsville, MD
There are a couple of principles I think we can learn from facing uphill experiences.

1. Many times God puts uphill slopes in front of us to slow our hiney’s down.
The pace of life can pick up when our dreams begin to become evident. Excitement and passion overtake us to the point that we take our eyes off of Him (you know, the one who orders our steps), and we put it on our own abilities.
Have you ever been smacked with the reality that you have become so consumed with other ‘things’ that you have neglected those closest to you? Without the test of an uphill climb, you might have never slowed down enough to be able to see what mattered most.

2. Don’t try to push it too hard.
So many want to ‘hit’ the hills as hard as they can in order to get over them as quickly as possible. That is why the road is littered with abandoned dreams because so many individuals simply ‘burned out.’ It is a rule for all runners that when you run difficult trails, you MUST pace yourself. We can’t get caught up in the fact that a 
30-something’s mom passes us on the trail…while pushing her twins in a stroller. You must continue at your pace. Everything is going to happen in God’s time regardless. The “race comes not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.” (Eccl. 9:11)

3. Realize that what goes up, must come down.
We should all keep in mind that after we’ve endured the grind on the way to the top, the other side is always waiting to lead us back down. These are gliding moments that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Enjoy them, but keep your feet steady and maintain your pace. Don’t let the next hill come because you had to be slowed down.  

(Runners in the Inner Harbor)
Baltimore, MD

I am grateful for every uphill climb. Without them I might be further down the road, but miles away from His purpose for my existence. 
Happy climbing…


  1. Really awesome insight once again. Its a true reality for me and its certainly a reality for allot of people in life. This will preach Larry! Thanks for the words


  2. That's why I run on a treadmill. Bwahah...loved this!