Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Days like this...

Do you ever have a day that you would simply like to forget? My day began by walking down the stairs and stepping on a yellow jacket. I do believe its stinger went completely through my foot.
My night continued the fun with having a flat tire right outside the Baltimore Train Station. Literally hundreds of beautiful people walked by to look down upon me … then continue right on by as if I had everything under such good control that there was no need for them to stop and assist.

I sit here tonight trying to reason with myself to just try and forget about this day and its uselessness to my existence. While changing that tire and noticing as person after person passed by with only a glance, I couldn’t help but begin to think … this day was all my fault.

(Inner Harbor)
Baltimore,  MD
Huh? That doesn’t make any sense. Days like this just happen right? 
You know, Momma said there would be days like this. The tough days are just a part of life.

After experiencing another one of ‘these’ days though, I have come to a realization that they seem to occur more often when I find myself in a place of complacency.

* Many states are now passing laws to try and keep motorists from texting and driving. One of the main reasons is complacency. “It will never happen to me, so it won’t hurt if I shoot this ‘vital’ text off while driving down the interstate at 75 mph.”
* Some of the greatest teams in the history of sport have needed a loss to shake them out of complacency.
* Marriages fall apart in so many cases because of this one simple thing.

Complacency sets in because we lose sight of the prize.
When times are bad and we are facing mountains of difficulty, it is not hard at all to find a reason to humble ourselves and pray. The focus we have is relentless, for we have a purpose that drives us toward His ways. We don’t have time to think, ‘It will never happen to me,’ because it IS happening to us. 

(National Mall)
Washington, D.C.
How easy it is though to slip out of the process He has us in only to find ourselves complacent. And sometimes it takes one of these days to shake us back into line.
What is important?
What is vital?
Is your mind, heart, and soul focused?
Are there areas in your life that are not getting the necessary attention?

Get rid of the notion that it will never happen to you. Cherish these days when things just do not go right. Allow it to guide you back to focusing on the process that will lead you toward the prize of an abundant life in Christ.

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