Thursday, October 13, 2011


It’s no secret that I’m a picky eater. Where I get it from, I have no idea. From early on, I can remember wanting my cheeseburgers with nothing but meat and cheese. My food can’t touch when it’s on my plate.
Subway sandwich-makers dearly love to see me come in because my sandwich is always the easiest to fix. Just get the bread…slap on some cheese, turkey meat, and bacon…and I’m good to go.
My salad (if you can call it that) consists of bacon bits, cheese, eggs, kidney beans, and fat-free thousand island dressing. (stop laughing!)

It is amazing though how that my pickiness has drifted into my every-day journey with Christ. There are just some things I don’t want to eat. Would it be good for me? Sure. Would I possibly find out that I actually enjoyed it? Sure. But somehow I make up my mind…I am not taking that in.

National Mall
(Washington, D.C.)
Apparently, deep down, I expect that my walk with Him is always going to be filled with sunshine and roses. But when my ‘food’ starts running together on my ‘plate’, I just want to take it to the sink and not eat it.

David said in, Psalm 34:8:’ O taste & see that the Lord is GOOD: blessed is the man who trusteth in Him.’ (KJV)

You see, we can gorge ourselves when our meal is prepared the way we like it. But when it comes to having to ‘suffer’ through one we just don’t like, we nibble around the edges…nibbling just enough to hold us until we can later run through a drive-thru and get what we really want.

Conowingo Dam
(Darlington, MD)
Sometimes God doesn’t give us exactly what we want or how we want it. There are moments when a ‘dish’ is served…that we didn’t order. Yet, it’s God’s way of knowing what’s best for each of us. He never said that everything was going to taste good…He simply said to trust what He gives you, and then you will see that He is good.

Go ahead and consume Romans 8:28: ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.’ (KJV)


"Duties are ours, events are God's; When our faith goes to meddle with events, and to hold account upon God's Providence, and beginneth to say, 'How wilt Thou do this or that?' we lose ground;
(Samuel Rutherford)

In following Christ, we can’t be picky eaters. Taste and see…you just might be surprised. 

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